Our XC Mountain Bike Team will train together on and off the bike to become better riders over longer distances and bigger terrain.

Focused on training for cross-country race format and endurance, our team values are:

  • Create stoke within a supportive Team atmosphere
  • Enhance respect of yourselves, your team, our environment
  • Develop deeper understanding of how you and your bike operate
  • Train together to acquire the skills, fitness and judgement required to ride in new locations & events.
  • Become more effective at: faster cornering, steeper descending, jumping, adjustments for conditions, braking, positive mindset
  • Safety, Support, Fulfillment, and FUN!

We have options based your age, level of commitment, and time of year.

We build speed and confidence through skills, efficiency, knowledge, and riding together.

Weekly Training Rides

Optional Strength Sessions & Online Training

Adventures & Races


TeamSnap is an app and website that facilitates 2-way communication between riders, coaches and parents. We will use it for:

  • Team Registration
  • Payment Schedule
  • Team Chat
  • Calendar & Scheduling
  • Attendance & Health Checks
  • Trips & Events

Team Clothing & Uniforms

All jerseys / bibs other team uniforms will be made available for purchase separately.

Custom Enrollments:

  • NEW for 2021 — Enrollment is through TeamSnap
    • Generate your own custom enrollment through simple questions
  • Flexible payment options
    • Pay in full with ACH or credit card
    • Set up automatic installments with your credit card.
    • Above options will incur a small processing fee.
    • Check or cash — select “Pay Offline” to pay with check or cash in full, or monthly installments, with no additional fees.
  • Login to TeamSnap using your existing account (by email); only new members should create a new account.
  • You will be added to the team and further instructions will be sent to help you get setup.

Junior XC Mountain Bike Team 2021

For Ages 13 – 19, we will focus on team practices where we can enjoy a variety of local trails and travel a few places on the weekends this fall.

Regular Season March 16 – July 31, 2021

  • Spring After School Schedule
    • Tuesday Strength 4:30 – 5:30 or 5:00 – 6:00
    • Wednesday Ride 3:30 – 6:30 PM
    • Starting April 8: Thursdays Extra Ride 2:00 – 5:15 PM (time only works for high schoolers, optional add on) CANCELLED DUE TO NEW SCHOOL SCHEDULE
  • Summer Schedule
    • Tuesday Strength 4:30 – 5:30 or 5:00 – 6:00
    • We will offer Wednesdays and Thursdays, we will vote on the best times, and you can reconfigure your ride schedule to make sure it works for you.
    • Weekends is a mix of home practices, local race support, full-day trips, or on your own training
  • Training Support
    • TrainingPeaks online training log and fitness tracker
    • Individual Rider (and parent) meetings 1x a month available to discuss your progress and ask questions
    • TeamSnap for team chat, scheduling and attendance
  • Traveling & Race Support
    • We will do non-race full-day trips to go ride big adventures together throughout the season, priced individually and optional.
    • We will attend some local and regional races together (day trips until COVID allows more)
    • Check the Trips and Event page for more info
  • Crossing over between XC / All MTN is encouraged, talk with Coach Bill to create your schedule.


Race teams are priced with a base rate plus or minus allowed variables. Everyone has equal access to our TrainingPeaks plans, coach’s meetings, TeamSnap chat, fun events, etc.

  • 900 – Team Base Rate includes one weekday practice, most local race support & weekend rides, TrainingPeaks, coach meetings, fun events, etc.
  • 200 – Add weekly Strength Class to improve movement, endurance and power
  • 300 – Add another weekday ride April 1 – July 29
  • Discounts for multi-child, certain subtractions, or late starts
  • Trips and travel to non-local races are optional with additional fees


Rather than set a price which must be pro-rated for every rider, we are allowing you to build your enrollment to suit your goals and schedule.

  • CUSTOM – use the TeamSnap registration form to select the options that work best for you.
  • Sample pricing:
    • $1400 Full Time – Strength, 2 Weekday Rides, 10 Saturday Local Rides
    • $1100 Part Time – Strength, 1 Weekday Ride, 10 Saturday Local Rides
    • $900 CUSTOM EXAMPLE – “I can do strength on Tuesday, ride on Wednesday, but cannot attend any weekends.”
    • $500 CUSTOM EXAMPLE – “I work all week, will follow the training plan on my own, maybe I can make some rides on Wednesdays or Saturdays, and join on trips if I can.”
  • ONLINE ONLY $150 / month — talk to Coach Bill about riders from outside our area joining our training program.
  • Tuition Assistance – create your TeamSnap selections on the form and choose “Offline Payment” and email Bill@cogwild.com to work it out.

Summer & Fall Extensions

August is left open for full-day rides, meeting up at the Bike Park, taking fun trips and decompressing from lots of structured training. Many riders choose to either resume for a fall session, especially if enduro events come back online, or some switch to Cyclocross Team from Sept – December. We will release more info in June.

Winter Training

From January to Spring Break. A modern off-season designed to help you enter the season stronger, fitter and smarter! For many riders the loss of riding from November to March is very difficult so our weekly activities help connect your progression from one season to the next.

Mandatory for Participation:

  • Riders must be age 13 for XC Team
  • Positive Attitude, Ready to Learn, Prepared to Ride
  • Riders must have experience and ability to ride intermediate trails
  • Need a fully working mountain bike suitable for riding our local trails
  • Helmet, gloves, tube, multi-tool on every ride.
  • Water and snacks on every ride.
  • Must come prepared with clothing and bike for weather and riding location.

Online Coaching Support

Our weekly team practices provide the appropriate amount of work and correct training loads for all riders to have a very successful season with fantastic results at Nationals. The periodized block training is proven to keep juniors progressing their skills, fitness and knowledge.

In addition to the group rides under coach’s supervision, All MTN Riders have access to our online training program through TrainingPeaks to see any specific planned workouts, record your activities and get specific feedback from the coaches as needed.

Read Coach Bill’s article to learn more:

Head CoachCaleb Brackett

Team Director
Bill Warburton

Bill will be leading the majority of the rides, practices & trips. With years of experience racing, training and leading teams he will coordinate the rides and ensure everyone meets their goals for the season!

Additional Coaches

Additional Coaches

Our coaches all bring different insights & experiences to our training that help everyone improve. Including:



13 - 19
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After School, Full Season, Summer, Trips, Winter