CXNATS Fundraiser

Bike racing is a difficult sport, but the challenges are worthwhile and the process of seeking improvement helps our young riders become amazing adults. Our team is 100% funded by the families who participate and sometimes we need a little help reaching our goals. 

Starting 11/14/23 and going through 12/15/23, all donations made through this link will go directly to offsetting the expenses incurred by our Cyclocross Team on their trip to Cyclocross Nationals in Louisville, KY.

That trip runs from December 6 – 10 with Coach Bill, a team house, and venue space. This is our most expensive trip of the year, but it’s one of the most important for these riders who are pursuing a championship title or qualifying to race in Europe.

The last time we were in Louisville it was an insane mud-bath of a course but Ian Brown won his race and he can wear those stars and stripes on his jersey forever. These trips mean a lot to our riders.

Any amount you donate is incredibly helpful, thank you.