Strength Training

We partner with Dorian Adam at Embark Fitness to provide year-round strength training and winter indoor cycling for our team.

  • For riders ages 13 – 18 who want improve fitness, athletic ability and durability.
  • WHAT: Periodized strength & endurance program that meets athletes where they are and measures improvement.
  • WHY: Once riders are training multiple days per week for many months it’s important to balance cycling adaptations with other movements; plus it’s an educational environment where we discuss science, nutrition, training habits and help riders reach their fitness goals.
  • REQUIRED: Must be ready to do challenging physical work, follow instructions in the weight room, and be self-motivated to improve.

2024 8-Week Team Strength Session: “Winter 1”

  • 12 spots available
  • Mondays 1/22/24 – 3/11/24 4:30-5:30 PM
  • Coached by Dorian Adam, owner Embark Fitness and CJC head coach Bill Warburton
  • Winter plan: varied progressive external and body weight loading focus on eccentric work, weekly circuit with variable heart rate intervals for power, acceleration, speed. Recovery time built into session.
  • Includes 2 FTP tests (Functional Threshold Power) on 1/29/24 & 3/4/24. Cycling shoes (SPD) are preferred but not necessary and loaners available.
  • Additional workshop on nasal breathing for performance cyclists (date TBD).
  • $135

2/1/24 NOTE: we began on 1/22 but riders are welcome to join in when they’re ready! Online enrollment isn’t available so email to join.

sign up coming soon

Indoor Winter Rides

Performance Cycling with Stages

CJC riders can join any of the daily instructor-led rides available at discounted 10-class pack rate. Data driven program yielding all ride metrics to track performance.

Suggested rides to join:

  • Monday 6a – with Abbi Hamlin (elite rider, nutritionist and coach)
  • Monday / Weds – 7:15a with Derek Cuny (former pro, now local shredder and coach)
  • Tuesday 5:30p – with Sarah “Eddie” Edwards (Cog Wild guide, elite rider, assisted CX Team)
  • Wednesday 6a – with Jen Leubke (former pro rider and triathlete, now elite rider and coach)
  • Thursday 6p – with Sarah “Eddie” Edwards

Join a ride: