Mountain Bike Adventures in Oregon

In addition to daily operations in Bend and Oakridge, Cog Wild also operates in many other stunning areas in Oregon where we’ve run adventure rides since 2006. Escape the daily grind and recharge your soul: let Cog Wild show you well known but rarely used trails in the Umpqua, Timpanogas, Old Cascade Crest and Mt. Hood Regions.

These are the places we like to go for a long weekend, where we ride get away from the busy-ness of Bend and the shuttle frenzy of Oakridge. We love an adventure: long days in the saddle, quiet time outside and plenty of post ride outdoor fun like swimming holes and waterfall hikes.

Ride these trails in two ways: either big day trips from Bend or Oakridge or as camping based multi-day trips. Join a like minded group of riders on a prescheduled trip or choose your own dates and we’ll build a private trip for your group of 6 or more riders.

Here’s the schedule for single day adventures out of Cog Wild’s Bend location

  • Saturday May 25:  Mt. Hood Dog River Shuttle Day 
  • Saturday June 8: Ochoco Scotty & Cougar Creek Trails (pending USFS approval) 
  • Saturday June 22:  Mt. Hood Surveyors Ridge Ride
  • Wednesday June 26: Oakridge Shuttle Extravaganza
  • Saturday July 6: Old Cascade Crest North Side
  • Sunday July 7:  High Cascades 100 Preview Ride
  • Saturday July 20: Ochoco Round & Lookout Mountains (pending USFS approval)
  • Saturday July 27: Mt. Hood Gunsight Ridge to Gumjuwac and Dog River bonus shuttle
  • Wednesday July 31: Oakridge Shuttle Extravaganza 
  • Saturday August 3:  Old Cascade Crest South Side
  • Saturday August 17: Old Cascade Crest Browder Gate Creek
  • Saturday August 24: Mt. Hood Bennett Pass to Parkdale
  • Saturday September 7:  Ochoco Round & Lookout Mountains (pending USFS approval)
  • Saturday September 21: Mt Hood Bennett Pass to Parkdale
  • Saturday October 5: O’Leary & King Castle (McKenzie Region)

Here’s the schedule for single day adventure rides out of our Oakridge Location

  • May 25 – ATCA Loop e bikes allowed
  • June 1 –  West side shuttle fest: Hardesty, Lawler, Eula, Goodman   
  • June 15 –  East side shuttle fest: Larison Creek, Heckletooth, Aubrey and Larison Rock 
  • July 13 – Timpanogas Lake & Middle Fork of the Willamette 
  • July 27 – Grasshopper & Box Canyon Bonus 
  • August 17 – Sawtooth and Goodman, Eagle’s Rest
  • August 31– Timpanogas Lake Loop with an optional bonus descent from the lake to Paddy’s Valley on the Middle Fork of the Willamette Trail
  • September 14 -Grasshopper Ridge & Box Canyon Bonus
  • September 28 – ATCA Loop
  • October 12 – Sawtooth and Goodman, Eagle’s Rest

Upper Umpqua & Timpanogas Region

Get some big rides on the upper segments of the North Umpqua Trail and the high country trails around Timpanogas Lake.

  • Expert riders
  • August – October
  • Technical single track along the river, mandatory hike a bikes, long descents, huge views, lake swims.
Hood River Bike Trails

Mt. Hood Region

Explore the trails on the Mt. Hood National Forest from spring through fall. We’ll ride trails in Hood River and on the flanks of Mt. Hood.

  • Intermediate to expert riders
  • June – October
  • Miles and miles of singletrack, views of Mt. Hood, time in Hood River.

McKenzie River & Old Cascade Crest Region

You won’t believe the riding here, welcome to your new favorite riding zone. Expect views of all the Cascade peaks, mandatory hike a bike sections and ripping descents.

  • Expert riders only
  • August -September
  • Sub alpine trails, big meadows, old growth forests, massive views, swimming holes

Oakridge Region

Let us host you on our home trails in the West Cascades. We’ll maximize the shuttle runs and explore some lesser known gems.

  • Strong intermediate to expert riders
  • June – October
  • Open meadows, old growth forests, fast descents, swimming holes, Oakridge Pub

Custom Multi-Day Adventures for Private Groups

Work with Cog Wild to create a custom multi-day trip for your group, use this form to get started. Select your date range, preferred number of days and regions you’d like to ride. Start and end in either Bend or Oakridge and ride trails on your bucket list.

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