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Hello Cog Wild Employees:

This page consolidates essential information regarding employment with Cog Wild and Cascadia Junior Cycling.

We’re always adding resources — If you find resources that would be helpful for Cog’s employees, please email links to and we’ll add them here.

Daily Reports

Please fill out a guide/ coach report for any guided ride or skills clinic in Bend or Oakridge:

Minimum requirements for employment

  1. Current First Aid and CPR. No staff shall begin work without a valid certification as per our operating agreements with the USFS.
  2. Minimum age of employment is 17 years old. 
  3. Prior experience leading groups of people in recreational or educational opportunities outdoors. 
  4. First year employees are on a probationary period for 30, 60 and 90 days. 
  5. First year and minor employees will be assistant guides when working with clients. 
  6. Background Checks are required for all employees. Let us know if there’s anything we should know before we run our checks. We cannot use a copy from any other organization, we must have our own. Please wait to AUTHORIZE a Background Check until the office has asked you to do so.
  7. If you will drive the vans then you must have a clean driving record. Our insurance will only cover you if your driving record is clean. You cannot drive a Cog Wild vehicle if the insurance won’t cover you.

Shadow Training

Prospective employees must shadow an experienced employees in a relevant role for at least 1 session and debrief together. Consider this a working interview, it’s a way for you to see what the work is like before committing.

Thank you for joining our team at Cog Wild!

New hires must complete these steps:

  • After a clean background check, shadowing an experienced employee and debriefing, and getting approved to drive (if applicable) then we will set up a contract and determine your pay rate.
  • Once hired, the office will send you an invite to Quickbooks Workforce to complete the following:
    • personal info
    • direct deposit account info
    • W4 / tax withholding info
    • emergency contact
  • Download the Quickbooks Workforce App for your phone, using that login from the previous step, to record your daily hours and submit your timesheet: Apple Store or Google Play
  • Federal I9 Form (prefilled Cog Wild ver 2024) — verify US citizen via passport or combo of other ids. Print from that link, fill out and hand in to office.
  • Once these steps are complete, continue to the next steps below.


  1. Review the Employee Handbook (downloadable version),
  2. Click on the link to complete the Preseason tasks and show your understanding of the handbook .

Contract — sign in person at Cog with your supervisor to set your rate / end date

ACCESS & USE The Flybook, our booking and scheduling platform. Office staff will schedule and assign work through the platform, look for your assignments on “My Calendar.”

  • When you receive a request by email or SMS, please open the link and “Accept” or “Decline” the work so we know if you are confirmed. If you don’t accept or decline then the work with in the day it is assigned then the job will be assigned to someone else.
  • Access The Flybook here to enter your blackout dates for work, or keep The Flybook open in your web browser on your phone to access rosters while with clients.
  • Here are some video tutorials on how to use The Flybook:

We are using Quickbook Workforce App to track time starting in 2024:

  • Download the Quickbooks Workforce App for your phone, using that login from the previous step, to record your daily hours and submit your timesheet: Apple Store or Google Play
  • Timesheets will be approved via what you enter on the Workforce App the on every 1st & 15th of the month.
  • Pay days are every 5th & 20th of each month.

All staff are expected to attend the annual orientation and additional trainings. Cog Wild values professional development, therefore trainings are paid time (payable after three activities).

  • April 6, 2024 All Staff Training in Bend
  • April 9, 2024 CJC Training for all coaches
  • April 26: Oakridge Staff Training

First Aid

First Aid is required to be hired and must be kept current; send certifications to

Cog Wild’s agreement with the USFS mandates that all our employees must be trained in a minimum of First Aid and CPR. Please keep these certifications current and provide a copy of your certification in the intake form / folder at office.

First Aid Opportunities for Spring 2024

BEND: Free Adult First Aid & CPR Trainings by Cascade CPR March 25 at Riverbend Community Room – REGISTER HERE

Oakridge Trails Alliance is partnering with Oregon Trails Coalition for a  “pay what you can” backcountry first aid & CPR training on March 22, sign up here. Sign up as a volunteer for OTA.

SafeSport – required for working with minors

Provides training about bullying, abuse and other forms of misconduct that have no place on our team. As a USA Cycling Club, it is required for office & field staff who have regular contact with minors.

  • SafeSport is available through USA Cycling here for free, or through OBRA if this does not work for you.
  • You may have to pay $20 to take the training for the first time if you’re not a USAC member.
  • This training has an annual refresher and take full course again at year 5.

Concussion Recognition – required for working with minors

Free 1-time online training. Required by Oregon law that we must follow the following guidelines:

PMBIA Level 1 – Optional

Take a PMBIA Course — Lev is a course conductor and while we use the PMBIA language all of the time and in our own training, the actual course sets a pass / fail standard that we expect all of our leaders to match. Begin with Level 1, then add a Kid’s Module or try for Level 2 if you’re an expert rider and want to teach advanced skills. Coaches should not be coaching / teaching / guiding above their own ability.

Tips from Grow Outside

Grow Outside is a great resource to learn how to create a supportive environment of learning to deal with challenging behavior before it starts. To support this social and emotional learning (SEL), begin with their Field Practice module.

Outride engages in research around the positive health benefits from cycling, especially for youth — read how cycling helps our brains here.

Skills Instructor Resources: Voluntary

Other Relevant Professional Certifications

Cog Wild will pay more to staff who work to improve their knowledge since it makes you a better employee. Besides coaching an first aid, here are some additional certifications or ideas to pursue.

  • Saw certification for trail work, volunteer with COTA to get invited to a certification class
  • Commercial Drivers License
  • Lifeguard Certification
  • Professional Ski Instructor
  • Are you a licensed teacher? That counts!
  • Free in 2024: Guide and Outfitter Recognized Professional GORP: Travel Oregon is providing free access to this self-paced online recognition and training program offered by Oregon Sea Grant/Oregon State University Extension for all owners and employees of businesses participating in the Why Guides program. The GORP program offers training on a wide range of topics and industry best practices including the Adventure Travel Trade Association Guide Standard best practices. Learn more about the program. Guides can access Oregon-specific training modules as well as modules specific to the Oregon Coast by signing up for the GORP Oregon Bundle. Use code ygorp24 to waive the course fee during sign-up. 
  • Elevate Outdoors: DEI Program: This self-paced online employee development program offered by Oregon State University’s Center for the Outdoor Recreation Economy is available at no cost for up to 50 guides in the Why Guides program. Focused on public-facing frontline staff in the outdoor industry, the course is designed to foster more inclusive and accessible outdoor recreation spaces through self-reflection and personal learning opportunities. Guides should plan to allocate 8 hours over the course of several weeks to complete the course. Learn more and register here. Use code WHYGUIDES2024 to waive the course fee during registration. The course will begin March 11, 2024. 

Cascadia Junior Cycling Prep

As leaders of junior riders, we must always come prepared to lead our groups, work together and make practices fun, safe and productive.

Working with minors requires a few additional steps to ensure you are prepared to assume 100% duty of care:

Trail Work Opportunities

Trail work opportunities (more dates will be added and shared as they come up):

Cog sponsored trail work: 

  • Early to mid June: Open South Fork Trail
  • August 14: clear Flagline
  • November TBD:  Put Alpine to Bed

Group & Risk Management

Much of this is covered in our in-house trainings, which are ongoing and outlined in the handbook:

Have a Plan

Work together ahead of time to prepare for emergencies, reduce anticipated risks, discuss potential hazards, and have a communication plan for unexpected circumstances.


Risks are best mitigated if they are recognized, discussed and anticipated; but accidents will happen so always follow proper guiding protocols to keep your group informed, together and aware.

Safe Habits

Safety of our Coaches, Riders and Public are our shared priority. From controlling our group etiquette to good record-keeping, we all must implement healthy habits that enhance our safety.

Difficult Riders

When riders are not engaged with the mission of the group they can cause disruptions. Establish your expectations early so you can hold them accountable. Setting boundaries, modeling the behavior you seek, having a collective goal, and being an attentive mentor all increase engagement.

Managing Conduct

Refer to the Code of Conduct for language to help you establish boundaries for your groups. Reward positive behaviors to “coach to the positive” so the group energy is directed correctly. Try positive redirection before punishments. Communicate early & clearly to all riders, staff and parents so you can reduce tensions and have support as you work towards resolutions.

Be a Pro

We expect our riders to act professionally, so coaches must set that example. Be aware that your bias, frustrations or disagreements can worsen the situation or negatively impact the entire group. Use whatever techniques you know to reduce conflict, ask for help, keep calm and direct the group back to the mission of having fun.

USFS Secretary Statements: Civil Rights Anti Harassment

Cog Wild operates on USFS land and complies with the equal opportunity service provider and employer guidelines. Here’s a copy of your rights and resources and how to contact the USFS if you’d like to file a complaint.

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