TeamSnap Explained

TeamSnap is a service we use for several features:

  • Registration — enrollment forms add riders to the correct roster for practices, provide the athlete agreement, waiver and allow for online, monthly and offline payment options.
  • Scheduling — official practice schedule, events, trips, group rides are updated here first (website or emails may not contain the latest changes)
  • Attendance & Availability — parents or riders can mark “yes / no / maybe” for events on the schedule. We assume riders will attend practice, but for bonus rides, trips, etc. this feature is very helpful.
  • Team Chat — parents, riders, coaches can all communicate easily using chat in the mobile app. Race Team riders should have the app installed to participate in the chat and mark their availability for events.
  • Safer communication — riders and parents can chat with coaches or custom groups on a safe platform to avoid one-on-one phone / sms / private messages between adults and minors.

How we plan to use it for 2023

  • XC / Enduro / Cyclocross / Remote Team Riders will use all features and riders should have the app on their phone to see the chat and use the RSVP function.
  • Cascadia Club & Youth All MTN riders — we will begin by using just emails and then discuss using the chat features at practice this spring to see if it’s useful

Setup TeamSnap App

  1. Use the correct registration form on the team page to either create a new TeamSnap account or login to add the team to your account.
  2. Once you have filled out the form, you may need to adjust your account settings to include parents, participating siblings, email preferences, and phone numbers: read this help article to setup your account
  3. Team Chat is only available within the mobile app; download the app to your device and make sure at least one parent is receiving the chat.
  4. Within the mobile app you can:
    1. View full Calendar / Schedule
    2. RSVP to events as needed — we assume you will attend the regular rides, if you are NOT coming it’s helpful to mark yourself absent, or mark as attending for trips and events.
    3. Use the chat features to communicate with the coaches or share photos / updates to the group
  5. This article will help you set up the notifications to your preferences — by default the notifications are now turned OFF at the team level to prevent lots of emails

To Change Chat / Team Channel

  • If you use TeamSnap for other groups or need to switch between CJC Teams:
  • Open the TeamSnap app and go to the “home” page.
  • Click on the name of the team in the upper header to change from “2021 XC/All MTN” to “2022 Race Teams”
  • Now you can easily change between teams for multiple sports you might have.
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