Spring, Summer & Fall Sessions

Our Elementary Club is for youth with a desire to develop impeccable riding habits & acquire new skills. For riders who are ready to challenge themselves, these multi-week sessions provide consistent coaches & peer groups to emphasize personal progression and teamwork.

  • Safe, supportive team atmosphere built together with peers and coaches
  • Enhance respect of yourselves, your team, our environment
  • Train together to acquire the skills, fitness and judgement required to progress your riding
  • Skills-based progression built by PMBI instructors
  • Areas of improvement may include: trail etiquette, cornering, climbing, descending, braking, positive mindset, teamwork

Weekly Skills Rides

Consistent Coaching & Groups

Adventure Together

Team Clothing & Uniforms

Totally optional for these riders. All jerseys / bibs other team uniforms will be made available for purchase separately.

What’s it like to ride with us?

Spring Elementary Club

For Ages 8 – 11

10 rides over 8 weeks

April 13 – June 5

Spring 2021 Structure

  • Due to the complexities of the current school schedule our options are limited this spring.
  • Choose 1 day of the week to ride for 8 weeks with 2 bonus weekend rides:
    • Tuesdays April 13 – June 1
    • Wednesdays April 14 – June 2
    • NEW: Thursdays May 6 – June 3 (5 weeks)
    • Fridays April 16 – June 4
    • Bonus Saturdays: May 15 & June 5
  • For the spring, due to limited group sizes and high demand, please ONLY register for 1 day per week


  • Tuesdays / Thursdays / Fridays = 3:00 – 5:45 PM
  • Wednesdays = 1:30 – 4:30 PM
  • If these times are tight for your school please email Bill@cogwild.com, we might be able to adjust our start times.
  • Riders must come prepared with face coverings. We can remove them when spaced out on the trail.
  • Riders may ride home with parent permission.

If you cannot commit to all 10 rides then you should consider using the Elementary Drop In Rides instead to build a custom itinerary with flexible dates. 


  • Choose your day to attend practice:
    • Tuesdays / Wednesdays / Thursdays / Fridays
  • 2 Bonus Saturdays included: May 15 & June 5
  • $300 for 10 rides over 8 weeks
  • $210 for Thursdays 5-Week / 7 rides
  • Get 10% off when you have 2+ riders currently enrolled in programs with us, by applying code MULTICHILD at checkout.

Summer Elementary Club

For Ages 8 – 11

12 Rides, 9 Week Progression

June 21 – August 20

Summer 2021 Structure

  • Starting week of June 21, finishing August 20
  • Morning practices on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • Riders should attend 1 day a week by default.
  • Older or experienced riders might benefit by adding a 2nd day per week.
  • Want a couple more rides? Register for additional, stand-alone drop-in rides on Fridays here
  • Elementary Team includes +3 Saturday bonus rides on July 17, 31 and Aug 21
  • We understand it’s a long commitment to enroll for the entire summer — if riders miss a practice, talk to the coaches about a possible make up day.
  • Need a minimum of 4 Riders to register for each option for it to run


  • Tuesdays / Wednesdays = 9:15 AM – 12:30 PM
  • Riders must come prepared with face coverings for a shuttle; not required when dispersed outside.
  • Riders may ride home with parent permission.


  • $450 for 1-day per week + 3 bonus rides over 9 weeks
  • + $325 for older experienced riders to add a second day per week — call our office to discuss and add this option.
  • Get 10% off when you have 2+ riders currently enrolled in programs with us, by applying code MULTICHILD at checkout.

Mandatory for Participation:

  • Riders must be the correct age for their program regardless of ability, unless a coach makes a specific allowance otherwise
  • Positive attitude and desire to ride with the team
  • Need a fully working mountain bike suitable for riding on a trail
  • Helmet, closed-toe shoes and appropriate layers of clothing
  • Water & snack in a bottle carried on the bike or in the rider’s pack

Highly Recommended:

  • Items are best carried 1) on your bike in a saddle / frame bag 2) waist pack 3) small backpack. Riders do not need huge 100oz hydration packs 🙂
  • Extra tube for your wheel size
  • Multi-tool & Pump
  • Full finger gloves
  • Sunglasses with light lenses — protection from sun, dust and objects

Other Suggestions for Teams:

  • These riders progress quickly so they need modern bikes and proper equipment to stay safe and have fun.
  • Join us for weekend rides and optional trips

Weather Disclaimer: We ride in all weather except lightning storms. If there is any concern about the conditions we will contact you at the email or phone number listed, otherwise plan on riding and come prepared.

  • What group will I be in? Our goal is to make riders happy and keep everyone safe so groups and ride plans may change at any time during practice. While we can sometimes take feedback from riders, sometimes we all do the same plan or coaches will have specific plans for individuals or their groups. Communicate any special needs, goals or ideas to the coaches or email / call us to discuss.
  • Can parents ride along? We make specific invites when it’s appropriate for parents to join us for special rides. If you’re interested in volunteering as a helper, or becoming a paid coach we would love to get your involved with our trainings: email / call us to discuss.
  • Make-up days? Typically not available, but sometimes it’s possible for Team Riders if we have enough capacity on other days. Please speak with your coach at practice or email / call us to discuss.
  • Can I try it before I sign up? In most cases, yes, we allow riders to try the program or attend a skills clinic / info session.
  • What about refunds? Deposits, attended rides, and no-shows are not refundable. Please read our Cancellation Policy.
  • Do you rent bikes? Not really for youth programs… Riders should come to practice with their own bike in working order. In some cases we might have an extra bike available for emergencies but our bikes are typically reserved for guests on tour who need a one-day rental.
Head CoachCaleb Brackett

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