Summer Skills Camps

Mountain bike skills camps for youth and juniors in Bend, Oregon!

We start and finish from our home base at LOGE CAMPS Bend, either riding from here or taking a shuttle up the hill to access different trails. Coaches will create riding groups each day as necessary — each camp is currently capped at 11 riders to ensure small groups.

Each week is targeted at a specific group for faster progressions and connecting with peers.

Our coaches and guides are passionate about teaching junior riders how to properly execute maneuvers and skills that match their ability so that they can be safe and have fun on the trails!

  • Consistent coaches & peer groups to emphasize personal progression and teamwork
  • Small groups by ability for effective learning & skill development
  • Ride more terrain, safely increase speed, build strength, confidence, and flow

2022 Enduro Training Camps in Oakridge

  • Camp 1: July 25 – 28, ENDURO CAMP #1 Age 13 – 18 and racing in JR Sport or JR Expert categories
  • Camp 2: August 1 – 4, ENDURO CAMP #2 Age 13 – 18 and racing in JR Sport or JR Expert categories

2022 Summer Camps in Bend

Absolute Beginners

Riders who have no experience riding off road are generally not recommended to attend our camps.

Try one of our Intro Clinics if you’re not sure.

Beginner & Intermediate

Beginners are less familiar with mountain biking and usually prefer easier terrain with fewer obstacles.

Intermediate riders have experience riding and usually have previous instruction. They enjoy riding and want to explore more terrain and try more challenging maneuvers.

Age vs Ability

Riding with peers is the most important factor. Ability is secondary.

  • Ages 5 – 7 ride 16 – 24″ wheels
  • Age 7 – 11 either 24″ or 26″
  • Age 11+ get the largest wheelsize that works for your height and style
  • Camp 1: June 20 – 23, INTERMEDIATE YOUTH Age 8 – 10
  • Camp 2: June 27 – June 30, GIRLS MTB CAMP 1 Age 8 – 10 & 11 – 13
  • Camp 3: July 5 – 7, COG KIDS CAMP Age 5 – 7 (No Monday for July 4th) priced at $185 for three half days, choose July 4 as start date but there is no ride that day.
  • Camp 4: July 11 – 14, BEGINNER YOUTH Age 8 – 10
  • Camp 5: July 18 – 21, * NOVICE ENDURO CAMP (Race Prep) Age 11 – 13 — read requirements below
  • Camp 6: July 25 – 28, INTERMEDIATE YOUTH Age 11 – 13
  • Camp 7: August 1 – 4, BEGINNER YOUTH / BEGINNER GIRLS COHORT Age 8 – 10
  • Camp 8: August 8 – 11, INTERMEDIATE YOUTH Age 8 – 10 & 11 – 13
  • Camp 9: August 15 – 18, GIRLS MTB CAMP 2 Age 8 – 10 & 11 – 13
  • Camp 10: August 22 – 25, INTERMEDIATE YOUTH Age 8 – 10 & 11 – 13

Mandatory for Participation:

  • Riders must enjoy the challenge of riding on trails, both up and down hills
  • Mountain bike: a working, modern mountain bike with 2 brakes, gears and wide tires, more below
  • Gear: helmet, gloves, clothing for weather and riding location
  • Pack: water, snacks, extra tube & multi tool on every ride

* Novice Enduro Camp Requirements

Enduro refers to the race format where riders are timed on downhill segments along a route for a cumulative time. Novice refers to their race category — not their actual ability — we expect these riders to have lots of experience on the trail, good fitness, and an interest in challenging themselves with possibly entering a race.

Coaches will use the enduro race format to prepare the riders with skills, drills, timed-segments, mini lessons and a mock race on the final day.

  • For experienced riders, 11+ years old by the start of the camp, and interested in racing Enduro
  • Full suspension bike with dropper post highly recommended (talk to us about rental / demo options)
  • Learn more about what races are available for these riders at the Race Cascadia site.


  • 4-day Summer Mountain Bike Camp
  • Riders are recommended to join 1 or 2 camps
  • Monday through Thursday each week
  • 8:15 – Noon each day (note earlier start time)
  • Be on site ready to ride between 8:15 – 8:20 so we can shuttle out if needed promptly at 8:30. Late riders might not be able to join the group once they depart.
  • 250 per camp
  • 185 for Cog Kids three day camp

Beginner Intro Clinics

All riders are invited to try a free introductory clinic to meet the coaches, see our space, get a bike check and run through some simple, fun skills and drills to ensure that you’re set up for success when your main activity begins.

Team Clothing & Uniforms

All jerseys / bibs other team uniforms will be made available for purchase separately.


Katie Emory

Katie loves riding with the different groups each week to teach the various skills needed for young riders to progress quickly and have fun.

Kylie Eckert

Kylie has graduated from our program and will be assisting with the summer camps for her second summer while on break from college.