Summer Skills Camps

Mountain bike skills camps for youth and juniors in Bend, Oregon!

Each of our summer mountain bike skills camps is a progression that follows a theme for the week. For riders coming from Cog Kids or Elementary Club, we recommend 1 or 2 camps each summer. Because each day builds on previous lessons we make sure to manage their energy and pick appropriate locations and lessons for the group to ensure everyone makes progress, stays safe and haves fun.

All camps are based at our office at LOGE CAMPS Bend. Based on the conditions and goals, coaches can choose to ride the skills trails at LOGE, access the trails from here, take a shuttle up to ride back, or take a van to ride in a different area. Most camps average 10 riders to ensure effective coaching and individual attention within smaller groups.

Multiday camps help riders improve rapidly

  • Consistent coaches & peer groups to emphasize personal progression and teamwork
  • Small groups by ability for effective learning & skill development
  • Ride more terrain, safely increase speed, build strength, confidence, and flow

“Absolute Beginners”

Riders who truly have no experience riding off road are generally not recommended to attend our camps. Rather than doing consecutive days like these summer camps, absolute beginners benefit more from one-day clinics or multi-week after school programs.

Try one of our Intro Clinics or talk to us if you’re not sure.

Beginner & Intermediate

BEGINNERS are riders who have limited experience riding mountain bikes and want to learn & ride more. Beginners typically prefer easier terrain with fewer obstacles and more frequent breaks. Riders are in the “acquisition phase” so most experiences are new.

INTERMEDIATE riders have more experience riding on varied terrain, are ready to apply skills to learn maneuvers, and look forward to riding more miles or increasing their pace.

“ADVANCED” is a term we reserve for the skill or maneuver rather than for youth riders themselves. Experienced riders may try more advanced skills.

Age & Ability

Riding with peers is the most important factor when coaches create groups — so we recommend parents select our camps primarily by age.

Next, you can consider their previous partcipation or ability — most riders would prefer to repeat a level and feel like they’re in the right group rather than move up too quickly and feel like they don’t have the relevent skills or strength to participate.

  • Ages 5 – 7 ride 16 – 24″ wheels
  • Age 7 – 11 either 24″ or 26″
  • Age 11+ get the largest wheelsize that works for your height and style

Mandatory for Participation:

  • Riders must enjoy the challenge of riding on trails, both up and down hills
  • Mountain bike: a working, modern mountain bike with two handbrakes, gears and wide tires
  • Gear: helmet, gloves, clothing for weather and riding location
  • Pack: water, snacks, extra tube & multi tool on every ride

Summer Schedule

Availability updated on June 14, 2023.

  • Week 1: June 19 – 22, INTERMEDIATE #1: Age 8 – 10. Spots remaining 3
  • Week 2: June 26 – June 29, GIRLS BEGINNER SKILLS MTB CAMP: Two cohorts, age 8 – 10 & 11 – 13. These camps are open to all gender-expansive riders who would prefer this social grouping with women coaches. Spots remaining 3.
  • Week 3: July 5 – 7, COG KIDS 3-DAY CAMP: Age 5 – 7 — note special dates & times below. FULL, check the 2-day camps below or these 3-week options instead.
  • Week 4: July 10 – 13, INTERMEDIATE #2: Age 11 – 13. Spots remaining 9
  • Week 5: July 17 – 20, BEGINNER #1: Two cohorts, age 8 – 10 & age 11 – 13. FULL
  • Week 6: July 24 & 25, 26 & 27, ADVANCED SKILLS 2-Day Clinics 1 & 2: * Age 11 – 15 — read info & requirements below. Choose 1. TECH Monday & Tuesday, 2. JUMPING Wednesday & Thursday, or both.
  • Week 7: July 31 – August 3, INTERMEDIATE #3: Two cohorts, age 8 – 10 & 11 – 13. Added capacity, 1 spot open as of 7/27 2pm, email with questions.
  • Week 8: August 7 – 10, GIRLS INTERMEDIATE SKILLS MTB CAMP: Two cohorts, age 8 – 10 & 11 – 13. These camps are open to all gender-expansive riders who would prefer this social grouping with women coaches. Spots remaining 5.
  • Week 9: August 14 – 17, BEGINNER #2: Two cohorts, age 8 – 10 & age 11 – 13. Spots remaining 8
  • Week 10: August 21 & 22, 23 & 24, COG KIDS 2-DAY CAMPS: Age 5 – 7. Choose 1. Monday & Tuesday or 2. Wednesday & Thursday. Details below.

* Cog Kids Options – IMPORTANT

Cog Kids is for ages 5 – 7 who can pedal on trails and are mentally, emotionally and physically ready to handle a 3-hour session with their peers and coaches for consecutive days. We take lots of breaks, keep riding to shorter bursts, and manage their energy carefully to ensure they have fun each day.

  • Must be 5 – 7 years old by the start of the camp; no 4 year olds allowed, please.
  • Bike must have two handbrakes and multiple gears as we are on singletrack trails.

2023 Offerings Explained

These are consecutive multi-day offerings, while our multi-week programs are listed on the Cog Kids page.

July 5 – 7: COG KIDS 3-DAY CAMP:

  • This camp runs Wednesday, Thursday, Friday to avoids the July 4th holiday on Monday. Specially built for younger riders to have a successful skills progression over 3 days, best for riders who have done one of our after school sessions and are ready to ride 5+ miles. Not recommended for new riders who have zero trail riding experience, see the 2-day clincs below or after school groups.
  • $175: specially priced for three 3-hour rides — Wed, Thurs, Fri, 8:15 – 11:30 am each day.
  • TO ENROLL: choose Wednesday, July 5th as the start date and note that the system will puts a fourth day in your cart because this is a “package of four days” — just ignore the Saturday selection.

August 21 & 22, 23 & 24: COG KIDS 2-DAY CAMPS:

  • We’re trying a new format to help get more beginner riders age 5 – 7 some fundamentals and more time on the trail.
  • Recommended entry point for new riders who have limited trail riding experience. Must be age 5 by start date.
  • $130: two 3-hour rides each day, 8:15 – 11:30 am.
  • TO ENROLL: Choose 1. Mon & Tues or 2. Wed & Thurs, not both.

* Advanced Skills Camp Requirements

This camp is for CJC riders from Elementary Club, Youth ALL MTN or Cascadia Club who want to improve their advanced skills by applying them to more challenging maneuvers and technical trail features. We will work on jumping, drops, faster corners and finding flow. Rides will include classroom time, skills sessions, timed sections and longer rides.

  • For experienced riders, 11+ years old by the start of the camp who have a solid riding foundation
  • Full suspension bike with dropper post highly recommended (talk to us about rental / demo options)
  • Great way for riders to build skills for gravity / enduro / xc events


Most camps are staffed by two or three of our amazing coaches. Many of our staff are certified by PMBIA to teach modern skills progressions.

Katie Emory

Katie loves riding with the different groups each week to teach the various skills needed for young riders to progress quickly and have fun.

John Connolly

John has been helping young riders in Bend for many years and he is great at helping beginner or younger riders fall in love with cycling.


  • 4-day Summer Mountain Bike Camp
  • Riders are recommended to join 1 or 2 camps
  • Monday through Thursday each week
  • 8:15 – Noon each day
  • Be on site ready to ride between 8:15 – 8:20 so we can shuttle out if needed promptly at 8:30. Late riders might not be able to join the group once they depart.
  • 250 for a 4-day camp
  • 175 for Cog Kids 3-day camp
  • Use 10% discount code MULTICHILD if you have multiple riders participating this season.