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CJC is for youth & juniors who love to ride bikes!

Our mountain bike camps, clubs and off-road teams provide young riders incredible opportunities to improve their skills, build fitness, and have fun riding with their peers and dedicated mentors.

We have established an effective pipeline for riders to follow as they increase their ability and set bigger goals. Whether that goal is to ride a new feature on a local trail or win a national championship event, our coaches work hard to prepare the riders and support their success.


Share photos of your riders! All images here and on our social media are free to use for the featured riders to share with their friends and social media accounts. If you want to own the photo for printing, please purchase the edited hi-res version for unlimited non-commercial use.

My son really appreciates and values your coaching and his friendship with the kids on the team. We really appreciate that you have created this program and have worked hard to keep the kids riding.

Awesome Coaches

We are very proud of our 15+ diverse coaches, skills instructors and ride leaders who share their knowledge with compassion, empathy and enthusiasm.

  • PMBIA – our skills instructors are certified through the Professional Mountain Biker Instructor’s Association.
  • SafeSport – all of our coaches have SafeSport training to make our team environment inclusive.
  • Ongoing training – just like our athletes, we never stop learning and we’re always improving our craft.
  • Recruiting – we’re always looking to connect with new folks who want to get into coaching so please reach out if you’re interested!

My daughter is SO pumped to be riding with CJC. Kids need nature and experiences and these guys are supplying the best outlet for it, and as always create a FUN environment for these kids to build skills and have a blast.

There are many dimensions to finding the best fit for new riders. We recommend going in this order:

junior cyclists racing at soldier hollow bike festival
  • Age or Grade – social & peer groups are most important. Please respect the minimum age & grade requirements when enrolling and talk to us if you’re not sure.
  • Maturity – emotional & physical capacity must match the peer group. While parents make the initial program selection, our coaches fluidly move riders between groups at practice to balance energy, friendships, learning style, etc.
  • Ability – we build riding groups with a priority on individual / group safety & enjoyment because we are coaching skills and techniques that apply to everyone in the group regardless of their ability. Our goal is to ensure each rider participates in the lesson at their own level; this is how they progress week to week.
  • Experience – incoming riders should start with something easy and move up when coaches suggest it. It’s much better to start with an “easier” group if we’re not sure about placement because coaches can always make the lesson a little more challenging if needed — for everyone’s safety we do not want riders in a lesson or in terrain that exceeds their ability or experience.
  • Expectations / Equipment / Goals – a rider’s bike, gear, goals and expectations should match the group’s intention as set by the coach. Read our descriptions before enrolling and talk to the coaches at drop-off to make sure your rider is well-prepared for the chosen group.

Junior Mountain Bike Clubs

Read this overview article to learn about the different groups to find the best fit for your rider.

Cog Kids

Age 5 – 7

Multi-week sessions spring, summer and fall with various summer camp options for our youngest riders

Elementary Club

Grades 2 – 5

Skills based progressions for beginner to intermediate riders. Multi-week club rides after school and various summer camp options. Girl’s Groups on Tuesdays spring & fall.

Cascadia Club

Grades 6 – 12

Skills-based multi-week club rides in non-competitive environment; educational coaching, local recreational rides, full day trips, overnight trips & camps. Girl’s Groups on Wednesdays.

Girls Mountain Bike Skills Groups

Grades 2 – 12

Our rides are either “open” to all genders with no specific gender coach, or we have specific groups for girls with women coaches. Our girls groups are gender-expansive and welcoming to any rider who would prefer that environment.

Junior Cycling Teams

Read this overview article to learn about the different teams to find the best fit for your rider.

Youth All MTN Team

Grades 4 & 5

For experienced riders coming from Elem Club. Spring, summer, fall sessions with bonus rides, optional full day & overnight trips plus summer camps.

Enduro MTB Team

Grades 6 – 12

Spring, summer, fall sessions to improve all necessary skills needed to become an expert rider. Build fitness on local training rides, full day adventure rides. Travel together to training camps or race weekends.

Cross Country MTB Team

Grades 6 – 12

Same description as the Enduro Team but includes more focus on a training plan designed to guide riders for all of their year-round training for cross-country or multi-discipline riders.

Cyclocross Team

Grades 6 – 12 & Age 11 – 18

A fall season with local, regional and national races. CX Training Camp usually in August.

Performance Junior Cycling Coaching

Age 13+

Individualized support from our expert coaches for juniors to reach their goals around skills, fitness, race prep, plus access to our team trips, camps and race support.

Cascadia Junior Cycling is part of Cog Wild Bicycle Tours, located at the edge of the Deschutes National Forest at LOGE Camps in Bend, Oregon. Cog Wild & CJC acknowledge that we operate on the traditional territories of many native tribes who have lived in this region since time immemorial and are still here today, including tribes and individuals who are now associated with the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, Siletz and Grande Ronde. Learn more at Native-Land Digital.

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