CJC Spring Schedule Update

Hello CJC Riders and Parents, 

We have a lot in the queue for April, May & June for weekend rides, trips and races. For XC / Enduro Team, Cascadia Club and Youth All Mountain riders, we’re expanding our trip offerings in a few ways:

  • Bonus Rides: on certain days where there’s no school or we need to do a weekend practice, these rides will be offered by your coaches to your group if appropriate. No additional fees for these rides.
  • Day trips from Bend to ride in different areas. Many of these rides will be longer duration & more challenging terrain than our regular practices. There may be additional fees to cover transportation and additional time together. Each ride is unique and will be open to appropriate groups. Average day trip is around $75 – 120 depending on resources used.
  • Overnight trips to ride or race — many of our overnight trips to events will be open to riders who do not want to race but who would love to ride in places besides Bend. Each trip is unique and will be open to appropriate groups depending on the terrain, transport & lodging situation. Trip fees include transport, lodging, coaching, etc. Race entry fees NOT included — if it’s a trip to a race then riders must register for the races on their own. Most overnight trips are open to riders 13+ but we’re working on a couple options appropriate for younger riders. Overnights typically average $100 – 150 per day.
2022 Sea Otter Crew

Are you interested? Make your RSVP

  • Anyone can view the team schedule from our site: https://www.cogwild.com/juniors/calendar/
  • Parents & enrolled riders will have a TeamSnap account: login to the TeamSnap mobile app to use the RSVP feature.
  • TeamSnap replies are “soft-RSVP’s” to gauge interest. If we see a minimum number of riders interested then we move to creating a price, taking enrollment deposit, and then booking any needed resources like transportation, lodging or staff.
  • Indicate your interest on the TeamSnap app > Calendar > Event > Availability tab with a “YES” or “MAYBE” and use the “add note” feature to explain your situation, like “registered to race, want team van,” or “not racing but want to ride.”
  • You do not need to select “NO” for events that you’re not interested in — just ignore.
  • However, use the “NO” reply for regularly scheduled weekday practices that you cannot attend so we know not to wait for you.
  • Parents can join us for most trips but not for all of them — talk to Coach Bill about the specifics.

2023 Updated Events & Notes

KEY: each trip is appropriate for different groups, and then within that it will be an individual decision to see if it’s a good fit. XC = XC Team, EN = Enduro Team, CC = Cascadia Club, YM = Youth All MTN.

These events need soft-RSVP in TeamSnap by April 1st:

April 1: Mudslinger XC – day trip to XC race; no other trails open during the race so just for racers. RSVP asap. Need 4 @ $30 to take a van. 

April 13: Intro Ride for CC & YM. 9 – Noon because no school.

April 14: Bonus Team Ride for XC, EN. 9 – Noon because no school.

April 16: Rogue River Enduro – new event – possible trip for EN, YM. Entry is $65. Might be a good opener. Need 5 riders to run a van for a full Sunday day trip.

April 19 – 23: Sea Otter Training Camp – open to XC, EN, CC. Parents / YM can camp with us, talk to Coach Bill or Lev. Leave Wed early, race enduro Thursday, XC race Sat or Sun; double sessions, training rides, huge expo, camping on site, food and transport included, return very late Sunday night. Estimated cost $300 – 350. RSVP asap.

April 29: Team Ride, XC, EN. Details TBD via chat.

May 5 – 7: Soldier Hollow Trip – for XC, XCO races on Sat & Sun. Need a group for Coach Bill to take a van; Coach Landon will be there racing regardless. RSVP asap. We would leave early Friday, preview that evening, race both days, home late Sunday.

May 7: Post Canyon Day Trip – EN, XC, CC, YM. Those racing CDC will preview predicted race course while all others are welcome to join for riding. Strenuous hills so riders must be prepared for lots of climbing in order to get the fun descents.

May 13: Weekend ride, XC, EN, CC, YM. details TBD. Might include XC going to Sisters for Stampede preview.

May 20 – 21: Post Canyon Weekend, EN, XC, CC. YM we need to discuss how to support younger riders at the race on Sunday but we want to make it happen. Camping reserved at Viento State Park. CDC racers preview Saturday and race Sunday. Non-racers welcome — ride PC on Sat and Sunday plan TBD, might include the Dog River trail or Dog River SuperD — RSVP with notes about what you’d like to do.

May 28: Sisters Stampede Race, XC. Local race so maybe we don’t need a team van. We’ll have a coach there.

June 7 – 11: Missoula XC Races, possible trip if we have a crew. Coach Landon will be there regardless. RSVP asap. Would leave Wed after school, race Th, Fr, Sat, Sun and home late Sun. * Note we have a conflict with 2 trips this weekend so we need to know asap which one(s) to run.

June 9 – 11: Tiger Mountain / Raging River Trip. EN, XC, CC, YM. This is the Tiger Mtn CDC, jr’s would drive up Friday, preview Sat and race Sunday. Non-racers can ride in Tiger or over at Raging River if the trails are busy. Awesome trails in both places, amazing riding opportunities for strong riders who crave technical trails. RSVP asap and note if you’re racing. * Note we have a conflict with 2 trips this weekend so we need to know asap which one(s) to run.

More distant events don’t need an RSVP by April 1 but check them out for planning:

  • July 14 – 16: Galbraith CDC Enduro / Weekend Trip. EN, XC, CC, YM. Bellingham, WA
  • August 14: Flagline trail work party. EN, XC, CC.
  • August 15: Flagline Opens! EN, XC, CC, YM. Bonus ride, Dutchman to town, or Swampy short cut for younger / less experienced riders. Bend’s best backcountry trail!
  • August 25 – 27: Raging River CDC Enduro / Weekend Trip. EN, XC, CC, YM. Snoqualmie, WA
  • September 30 – Ashland Mountain Challenge, TBD.

Looking forward to a great season full of mountain biking adventures,
Coach Bill