Air Quality

UPDATED September 12, 2022

If no update is sent / posted / emailed / texted, then practice is ON.

Decision timeframe: we want to make the call close enough to the start time to reflect actual conditions, but we know that you need time for your planning:

  • Summer morning practices by 7:00 AM
  • Summer afternoon practices by Noon
  • After school practices by 10 AM

Using the OHA / OSSA Guidelines we monitor the air across our riding area to decide if we can ride safely:

    • No news is good news.
    • If we are confident that we can ride in a location with suitable air quality then we will continue practice as planned and no notifications will be sent.
    • We use the “AQI PM 2.5 micron 10-min average” on PurpleAir to monitor conditions in our riding area.
    • See map below.
    • 0 – 100: practice will be on, and if smoke is present we will modify our location / duration / intensity
    • 101 – 149: with a trend / location / elevation / activity that indicates it is safe to ride then practice will be on.
    • +150 is considered unhealthy for all groups and practice will be cancelled
    • You will be alerted by email if we cancel more than 24 hours in advance, and we will also send a text message if we cancel within 24 hours.
  • NO RIDE:
    • We will always try to reschedule make up days as our first option.
    • If make up days are not possible, or if they conflict with your schedule, we will look at other options as needed.
    • No credit for no-shows when practice is on.
    • Please review our full Cancellation Policy for more information.