Guided Mountain Bike Rides in Bend, Oregon

Cog Wild has been guiding mountain bikers in Oregon since 2006. We’re deeply rooted in the bike community and ready to share our love of place to help you have a great experience. There are so many reasons to ride with a guide: camaraderie, logistical and mechanical support, transportation, trail selection made for your specific ride and an insider’s input on recreation in the region.

Cog Wild offers a variety of guided options from our headquarters in Bend: daily rides for solo riders or small groups, curated experiences for large private groups, drop in group rides and full day adventures to the gem trails in the region. Santa Cruz demo bikes can be added to your reservation during the booking process. Demos include a helmet and pedals of your choice.

Explore the options below to select the guided mountain bike ride option that best fits your needs.

Daily Guided Mountain Bike Rides in Bend

Individuals, couples and small groups like families and friend groups, this is the ride for you!
Choose either a full or half day ride to experience the best trails in Bend. A guide is assigned exclusively to your group and will plan a route based on your skill, fitness level and trail conditions to provide a stellar ride.

A lady mountain biker leads her co workers on a trail ride.

Half Day Guided Ride

Accessible for all skill levels, the guide selects a route based on your skill, interest and fitness to maximize flow on the trail.

Two mountain bikers descend a rocky section of trail on the Deschutes National Forest.

Full Day Guided Ride

Best for experienced riders who enjoy multiple hours on trail; ride from the high country all the way back to Bend on singletrack.

A family rides mountain bikes on trail in Bend, Oregon.

Family Guided Ride

Appropriate for families of all configurations: Young or old, experienced riders or not. Your guide will design the ride based on your family’s skill level and interests. Let the us sweat the details so you can enjoy quality time with your people.

A couple poses for a photo at Tumalo Falls while on a winter fat bike tour.

Winter Fat Bike Ride

Explore central Oregon’s winter landscape via fat bike on groomed and ungroomed forest tracks. Offered from mid December to late March, Fat Bike Rides are a unique way to beat the crowds and enjoy time on the snow.

Gravel riders on a forest trail in Bend, Oregon.

Gravel Ride

Central Oregon forest roads are prime for gravel rides. Our gravel guides are on the forefront of the scene and know the road and trail systems well.  There are many route options and timeframes we can offer.

Bend Group Rides

Join a group of like minded riders for a gravity assisted cross country ride out of Bend or a full day adventure on rad trails within a 100 miles of Bend. These lightly guided rides are for local or visiting intermediate plus riders who are eager to learn new routes or check some iconic Oregon mountain bike rides off the list. Follow the orange buttons below to find the pre scheduled ride dates for 2024.

Mountain bikers cross a creek while on a mountain bike adventure in the Old Cascade Crest.

Adventure Rides from Bend

Take a day to explore the Old Cascade Crest & McKenzie, Mt. Hood, Ochoco (pending USFS approval) and Bend regions. All day adventures for very fit intermediate and advanced riders only: expect mandatory hike a bike sections and sustained downhills with awe inspiring views in beautiful places.

finding flow

Bend Group Rides

Hop on a shuttle with a group of local and visiting riders for a social spin on some of Bend’s best singletrack. The weekly drop in rides are a good way to learn Bend’s mountain bike trail network. The pace will be determined by who shows up but spirited with regroups and encouragement. Group rides are designed for intermediate to advanced riders who ride regularly and like to be outside with others.

Group rides most Sunday mornings from mid May through Labor Day.

Guided Mountain Bike Experiences for Private Groups

A corporate groups learns how to use their mountain bikes before going for a ride.

Guided Experiences for Private Groups are all inclusive mountain bike rides designed for corporate teams, family reunions, school and youth groups, wedding parties- any large group that wants to ride and needs us do the planning and delivery. Call on Cog Wild to create a memorable outdoor adventure for your crew.


I have already done the Bachelor to Bend tour? Should I do it again?

Yes! There are several different ways to ride from Mt. Bachelor to Bend, and we can take you on a different route each time, with few trail repeats. This means that you will see new trails each time.

My friends and I want to do this tour together, but some of us ride faster/slower than the rest of the group. Is this a problem?

Not at all! The trails in Bend are not very technical, which is what slows most people down in other places. Once we have details about all the riders we will choose a route that will help keep everyone together. Depending on the size of the group, we will have more than one guide to allow everyone to be able to ride at their own pace without getting too far ahead or left behind.

Can I bring my own bike?

Yes, of course! If you are traveling with your mountain bike, we ask that it is in good working order. Hard tails, full suspension, 27” and 29er bikes are all appropriate for our trails.

How much water should I have with me?

Cog Wild will provide each rider with one water bottle for you to keep after the ride. However, we recommend carrying at least a few water bottles or a full hydration bladder for your full day ride. There is not a place to refill water along the trail, so you will need to start the ride with all of your water for the day.

Traveling with an E-bike? Please read:

The Deschutes National Forest does not allow e-bikes on the non-motorized trails. This includes the vast majority of mountain biking trails that we guide and shuttle.

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