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See below for our Oakridge Mountain Bike shuttle schedule. It’s similar from week to week, but we do mix it up as conditions change and we adapt to changing interests and requests.  Check out the Oakridge Trail Conditions here.  

For our regularly scheduled shuttle departures and locations see the listings and map below, or click on the trail you want to ride to see times and availability for the day (s) you want to ride. 

Monday – Thursday:

  • 9 am Alpine Trail: meet at Westfir Covered Bridge / Lower Alpine Trailhead
  • 11 am Dead Mountain Trail: meet at Cog Wild at the Airstream on 1st and Pine
  • 12:30 pm Hardesty Trail (call us to set this up), meet at the Hardesty Trailhead on highway 58.
  • 1 pm Lawler Trail: meet at the Y intersection 1/2 mile up from Hwy 58 on Patterson Mtn Rd (5847) 
  • Good combos Mon-Thurs are Alpine Trail & Lawler Trail or Dead Mountain Trail and Lawler Trail.

Friday and Saturday: 

  • 8:30 Alpine Trail
  • 9 am Alpine Trail
  • 10:30 am Alpine Trail – for all Alpine Trail weekend departures please park at Westfir City Hall (lots of space to park) and ride 1/8 mile west from Westfir City Hall meet the shuttle at the Red Covered Bridge / lower Alpine / North Fork Trail trailhead. 
  • 11 am Dead Mountain Trail – Meet at Cog Wild in Oakridge
  • 12:30 Hardesty Trail (call us to set this up), meet at the Hardesty Trailhead on highway 58.
  • 1:00 pm Lawler Trail: meet at the Y on Patterson Mtn Rd
  • 3:00 pm Larison Rock meet at Greenwaters Park near the footbridge
  • 4:30 pm Dead Mountain Trail Meet at Cog Wild Oakridge 

Good combos for Fri and Sat:

For a fun full day without too much climbing in the afternoon ride Alpine in the morning with Larison and or Dead Mtn in the pm.

Just want to go downhill with out the climbing? Dead Mountain and Larison Rock are the ticket.

For the hearty and fit rider: Alpine and an afternoon Lawler, or Alpine and afternoon Hardesty

Want to go deep into the backcountry? Ride ATCA: Alpine, to Tire Mtn, to Cloverpatch, back to Alpine. 26 miles, 4000′ of climbing, 7000′ of descending, all accessed by a single shuttle up to Alpine.

Go big and do them all: Alpine at 8:30, Lawler at 1:00, Larison at 3:00 and Dead Mtn at 4:30.


  • 8:30 am Alpine Trail
  • 9:00 am Alpine Trail Meet in Westfir at the Red Covered Bridge / lower Alpine / North Fork Trail trailhead.
  • 10:30 am  Alpine Trail
  • 11:00 Dead Mountain Trail Meet at Cog Wild in Oakridge
  • 12:30 pm Hardesty Trail (call to set this up, not available online) meet at Hardesty Trailhead on Hwy 58
  • 1 pm Lawler Trail Meet at the Y on Patterson mountain road
  • 3 pm Dead Mountain (Oct 25 only)
  • Good combos for Sundays are Alpine & Lawler, Alpine & Larison, or Hardesty & Lawler

Make sure to check the confirmation email for directions to the shuttle pick up, every trail meets in a unique location. (SEE MAP BELOW)

Your safety and health are our # 1 priority!

  • Since we can’t ensure 6′ social distance in the vans, all riders are required to wear a mask or face covering while in the vehicle. This must cover your mouth and nose and stay in place hands free. We have Blackstrap Civil Masks available to purchase for $16.
  • We sanitize our vehicles before every trip, and we have reduced the number of riders in any vehicle from 14 to 9, to provide some space between you and your fellow riders.
  • We provide hand sanitizer at the trailhead and ask all riders to sanitize prior to entering the vehicle, and again when you step out to go ride.  Please see the COVID 19 guidelines that we are following to stay in compliance with Oregon Health Authority.

Looking for another trail or a private shuttle exclusively for you and your crew? Let’s set it up! Pricing is reasonable and we are flexible. Check out our Custom Shuttle options.
Do you want the ultimate Oakridge, Oregon riding experience? Book one of our shuttle assisted guided tours, and let us show you the best of our backcountry trails, tailored just right for you.

Contact Oakridge Cog Wild:

  • Email us: oakridge@cogwild.com
  • Call our Oakridge cell phone: (541) 219-9248
  • Call our main office in Bend: (541) 385-7002

See the Google map below to view the pick up locations for Alpine Trail, Lawler, Hardesty and Dead Mountain.


Tour Style
Alpine Trail
Dead Mountain Trail
Middle Fork
Larison Rock
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