Full Day Guided Ride in Bend, Oregon

Imagine this: crisp mountain air mixed with warm sunshine beaming as we unload bikes at the trailhead high in the Cascade Mountains. You grab your hydration pack, strap on your helmet, and prepare to spend the rest of the day on up to 35 miles of sweet singletrack bliss as you make your way back to Bend.

Our full day, “Bachelor to Bend” highlights the best trails available at any time of the season. Routes vary with the snow line, moving up as the high country trails clear off. However we get back to Bend, you will sure to experience miles of fast flowing sections, rocks and roots (if desired), scenic alpine views, forest cruising and some of the most fun you can have in the area. As we descend in elevation, you’ll experience a change in ecosystems from wide open Hemlocks to mixed conifer to classic Ponderosa stands.   Plus, we’ll eat a tasty lunch on the trail at one of many scenic viewpoints.

We highly recommend doing this tour more than once. Your guide will give you a unique route each day with new trails and new scenery.

Full Day Guided Ride Includes:

  • Up to six hours of mountain biking, personalized to your riding level
  • Guide to accompany you on the trail
  • Shuttle from Cog Wild to the trailhead
  • Substantial sandwiches from local favorite bakery, Nancy P’s
  • Cog Wild water bottle
  • Substantial, healthy snacks on the trail
  • Complimentary Deschutes Brewery beer Polar Seltzer and Humm Kombucha

Riding Distance

15– 35 miles, depending on your fitness, skill, interests.
Generally 4-5k of descending and 1k of ascending throughout the day.

Rider Level

Full day rides are suitable for fit intermediate to expert riders, expect some decent climbs and long sections of singletrack with lots of corners. The ride is designed to match your abilities.

Terrain & Trails

Bend has a little of everything from smooth and fast flowing single track to machine built jumps to rocky lava tech. You’ll have a taste of all the trails over the course of the day.

Full day tours start at 8:45am, please arrive 15 minutes early, 20 minutes if you are renting a bike

Full day rides typically return between 2 and 3pm

Meet at Cog Wild’s headquarters. After meeting your guide and talking logistics for the day, we will jump on a 9am shuttle

  • Solo Rider: $240
  • 2 riders: $125 per person
  • 3 or more riders: $95 per person
  • Bike rentals are not included. If anyone needs a bike for the day, we have a mountain bikes available for a wide range of heights. You can add bikes during check out.

You can start your booking right away, here’s what we need to know before the ride

  • Ages minors and seniors
  • Skill level: beginner, intermediate or advanced
  • Any dietary restrictions, allergies and medical conditions
  • Height of any rider with a bike rental
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