Guided Mountain Bike Rides in Oakridge, Oregon

Guided rides with Cog Wild are a great way to get some epic riding and an insiders view of this bucket list mountain bike destination.

With a shuttle assisted guided ride, we figure out the logistics and take you to the goods; you spend less time grinding up, and more time shredding down. Ride the classic trails: Alpine, Dead Mountain, Hardesty and Lawler, and some of the lesser known gems including Timpanogas, Moon Point, Bunchgrass, Grasshopper, Tire Mountain, Cloverpatch and Eula.

Guided Ride Options:

Coming to Oakridge with a big group? Book a van and guide for a full or half day. Traveling solo or with four or fewer riders? Consider a half or full day guided ride to show you trails appropriate to your level and learn about what trails to ride next.

Half Day Guided Ride

  • Get to know the trails around Oakridge with a guided ride. Accessible for all skill levels, the guide will select a route based on your skill, fitness and interests. For individuals up to groups of 4.
  • Around 3 hours
  • Shuttle included, routes may include Dead Mountain or Alpine, TBD based on rider input.
  • Solo rider $179, or $92 per person for 2 – 4 riders

Full Day Guided Ride

  • Immerse yourself in the glory of mountain biking in Oakridge. Best suited for strong intermediate to advanced riders; you’ll still climb thousands of feet even with a shuttle. For individuals up to groups of 4.
  • Around 5-6 hours
  • Shuttle included, routes may include the full ATCA or a shuttle fest on Hardesty, Lawler and Eula.
  • Solo rider $275, or $149 per person for 2 – 4 riders.

Van and Guide for a Half Day

  • For your crew up to 12 riders. Best suited for fit intermediate to expert riders
  • Up to 4 hours
  • Full sag & logistical support with an experienced guide and driver. Ride the regular shuttles routes around Oakridge or have a guide show you Moon Point, Eula, Sawtooth and other gems.
  • $745 per group

Van and Guide for a Full Day

  • For your crew up to 12 riders. Best suited for fit intermediate to expert riders
  • Up to 8 hours — ride all the goods!
  • Full sag & logistical support with an experienced guide and driver. Ride all the regular shuttle routes around Oakridge or go for an adventure near Timpanogas, Middle Fork, Moon Point or Grasshopper.
  • $1200 per group

Oakridge Region Multi-day Adventures

Let us host you on our home trails in the West Cascades for a few days. We’ll maximize the shuttle runs and explore some lesser known gems. Choose camping or lodge based stays from our list of preset dates or set your own dates and bring your riding crew for a private adventure.

  • Strong intermediate to expert riders
  • June – October
  • Open meadows, old growth forests, fast descents, swimming holes, Oakridge Pub
  • Camping or lodging options

What to Expect

Oakridge has trails that are suited for strong beginners to expert riders. If you are new to mountain biking, consider riding in Bend instead of Oakridge.

Narrow, fast, slow, smooth, rocky, rooty, steep and beautiful describe all the trails in Oakridge. You’ll ride through a wide variety of ecosystems and habitats – old-growth stands, second growth Doug Fir forests, recent clear cuts, giant ferns, wildflower filled meadows, cold creek crossings, log bridges, exposure and rock outcroppings.

  • Hydration pack or backpack for carrying water, extra food and clothing. Bring a rain shell if rain is forecasted.
  • Helmets are required for all rides.

During the reservation process please be ready to share the following for each rider:

  • Age of minors
  • Each rider’s mountain bike skill land fitness levels: beginner, intermediate or advanced and any additional details you would like your guide to know about you & your group.
  • Allergies, dietary or medical restrictions for each rider
  • Do you need a rental bike or are you bringing your own bike?

The Willamette Mountain Mercantile rents Santa Cruz and Ibis bicycles. Check out their website or call 541-782-1800. Please check that they have a rental bike available for the day you’d like before booking a guided ride.

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