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Bend Oregon is home to some of the best mountain biking in the nation. We have hundreds of miles of trail  to share with you, and this ride combines the best of what Central Oregon has to offer. From the world famous Phil’s Trail to lesser-known singletracks loved by locals—shhh, don’t tell—we will hand pick a sampling of trails based on your desires. Looking for a fast-flowing descent? We’ve got it. Want to improve your skills on technical rocky sections? We have that too. Searching for that perfect ride? Let us help.

These rides are custom designed as we put riders of similar skill levels together for a half day shred. This is a great ride for the solo rider, the mountain biking family, or for a group of buddies that regularly ride together. We’ll make sure your time with us is optimized for maximum fun and trail time!

The half day mountain bike ride in Bend Oregon includes:

Meeting Times: 10:15am or 11:45pm

Start Times: 10:30am or 12:00pm

Finish Times: 1:30-2:00pm or 3:30-4:00pm

Start Location: Cog Wild Headquarters.

Price: **Price does not include bike rental. See our bike rental page for options.

Solo Rider: $165

2 or more adult riders: $87 per person

Children up to age 12: $68 per child

Riding Distance

6 – 20 miles, depending on your riding level.


Starts between 4,000 and 5,500 feet. Ends at 3,400 feet in Bend. Expect some climbing and descending.

Rider Level

Low intermediate to advanced. Previous mountain biking experience is preferred. We will design your ride to match your abilities.

Terrain & Trails

Smooth and fast flowing single track that is fun for all levels. For the more technically intermediate and advanced riders, we can include technical sections of trails.

Recommended Clothing & Gear

Exercise clothes, such as comfortable shorts, t-shirts and tennis shoes are great, as well as a long sleeve sweatshirt or lightweight jacket and riding gloves. Bring a camera and your guide can carry it for you and take photos. Hydration packs are recommended for carrying drinking water.

Needed Information

During the reservation process you will need to share the below info for each rider:

  • During the reservation process you will need to share the information below for each rider:
    • Height and weight for the bike rental.
    • Ages of children or those over 60.
    • Skill level of each rider: beginner, intermediate or advanced and any additional details you would like to share.
    • Any dietary or medical restrictions.

I am a beginner, intermediate, advanced rider – is this tour too difficult/easy for me?

The Singletrack Sampler is not a set route, but designed for each rider and is different every time. With hundreds of miles of trails to choose from, we do something different for tour so everyone has a good time. Book more than one tour and we’ll show you all different trails.

I am a beginner, intermediate, advanced rider – will I be riding with people who are more or less advanced than me?

When you reserve your tour, Cog Wild will ask questions to determine your riding experience – then you’ll be grouped with riders at a similar level. This means your tour could have only two people. We want everyone to be able to ride their own pace and focus on having fun, not chasing or waiting for other riders.

Trip Overview

1/2 Day
1 - 9
1 - 9
Tour Style
Tour Size
1– 12 guests
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Add more to your trip

Oregon has hundreds of miles of mountain biking trails—enough to keep a rider busy for weeks on end! We can show you the goods. Talk to us about adding more rides, staying extra days, or finding more to do while on vacation.