The Guide perspective

The guides of Cog Wild come from all over, have many great stories about riding, guiding and take some great pictures. Through out the Summer, a Cog Wild guide will post a blog about their experiences.
Here is the first one from Dillon Caldwell, we hope you like it.


“Diversity at the End of the Trail.”

Yeah, Oregon is a special place. Growing up here, I grew blind to several key features. But after completing a degree in environmental studies at the University of Oregon, expanding my travel horizons, and working as a guide with Cog Wild Bicycle Tours (Bend, OR), I’ve come to appreciate one particular feature of this special place that underlies its unique character. The diversity of landscape and ecosystems within the bounds of this small western state is truly mind-blowing. And I’m honored to call it home.
                                     Toketee Falls is a perennial favorite, featured in Cog Wild’s North Umpqua trip
From the wind-battered beaches of the Pacific, to the snow-capped peaks of the Cascades; from the lush forests of the Western slope, to the arid badlands; there’s a little bit of everything in this magical place. What’s more, whichever zone you choose to spend your time exploring, you’re unlikely to share the trail with anyone but your buddies. Oregon’s side country is one of the last remnants of the wild, wild west. Only now our horses are made of plastic.
                    Some Cog Wild guest from Mexico City basking in the McKenzie River mists,  courtesy  of Sahalie Falls
You can travel the world to encounter all of these landscapes. Or you can simply explore my backyard.
The majestic, year-round snow fields of Mt. Hood are a sight to behold, visible from the world-class Hood River  trail systems just down the road.


Whether or not you’re an Oregonian, I want to share this special Oregon-ness with you firsthand. Perhaps these images from the trail will refresh or awaken a curiosity within you. Maybe you’ll be motivated to find a bit of this great state’s diversity on your own in the fast-approaching riding season. Or maybe you’d rather let me and my friends at Cog Wild show off our playground from our own unique perspectives. We’re just getting going here for 2015, but it’s a long season and there are no limits on opportunity for exploration. Our already extensive territory is ever-expanding, now including the internationally acclaimed terrain of Oakridge. Accompanied by locally brewed Deschutes Brewery beer, Humm kombucha, gourmet menus (custom-built for our multi-day tour guests), and the personal flair of your own expert guide(s), the Cog Wild experience is truly a special thing. So what are you waiting for? Make like Lewis and Clark this summer. Let us, let Oregon, be your “end of the trail”.
                                                         The “Weeping Wall” is a bittersweet sight, signaling the end of Cog’s North Umpqua trip.
                                                         This land is your land, this land is my land
                                                         From Oakridge savanna, to the big blue High Lakes
                                                         From the rocky badlands, to the Pacific waters
                                                         This land was made for you and me
                                                         (To ride bikes on)
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