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Bring your crew and ride on your timeline

Reserve a private van and ride the trails you like the best, as many times as you like! Trail options include: Alpine, Lawler, Hardesty, Goodman Creek, Dead Mountain, Larison Rock, Heckletooth, Lower Middle Fork Trail and Moon Point.

Please read Cog Wild’s  COVID-19 Guidelines for shuttles and tours before booking a custom shuttle for a private group.

Custom shuttle with a local, experienced guide:

If you are new to Oakridge,  the support of a local guide is invaluable.  Our guides will assess your group and get you on the right trails to maximize fun. $1000 gets you 8 hours of van use, a driver and a local, experienced guide. Add more time over the allotted 8 hours for $150 per hour.  Max capacity 13 riders.

Custom shuttle:

Rent a van and a driver for 8 hours of shuttle assisted mountain biking. Ride as many trails as  you want, or the same one over and over and over for $800. This option is for groups who have at least one rider who is very familiar with Oakridge’s trails and is willing to take on the “guide” responsibilities of coordinating with the driver and corralling the crew. Need more than 8 hours? Each additional hour is $100. This comes in handy if, for example, you are out at Moon Point and your crew is fired up to get just one more run. Max capacity 14 riders.


Call to inquire about private shuttles for community or non-cycling related events. Don’t need a van for the full 8 hours? $140 per hour gets you a van and driver.

Contact Oakridge office:  541-219-9248 or oakridge@cogwild.com


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