Solo Traveler Information

Traveling alone? Not a problem with Cog Wild. In fact, joining an organized day or multi-day tour is a great way for independent travelers to have a fun, safe adventure! Many of our guests are individuals who want to go mountain biking in Oregon, but don’t want to do it by themselves.

Here are some tips on how we work with solo travelers to get the most out of a Cog Wild tour:

Day Tours

  • We recommend you call ahead once you know the dates you would like to ride. Cog Wild tours do have a 2 – 4 person minimum, so calling even a month ahead is not a bad idea. The more time we have to add other riders, the better!
  • We pair riders by rider level and tour interests, and if we have a tour already on the calendar that fits your wants, it is easy to add you!
  • If we do not have a tour on the calendar, we will take all your information. Then when other riders are interested in booking a tour on the same day, we will match up similar riding levels to create a tour for you and others. If we’ve got enough people for a tour, we’ll contact you to confirm.
  • We always try to match similar level riders with each other, so you don’t have to worry about keeping up or waiting too much for other guests on your ride.

Multi-Day Vacations

  • For camping tours, joining as a solo rider is easy! Individuals are welcome and as long as the tour is confirmed with enough riders, it is very simple to sign up.
  • If the tour is not confirmed, we will add you to the list of riders ready to sign up and contact you when we reach that number.
  • Hotel tours are designed for two people per room. If you prefer to have your own room, there is a single supplement fee ($135 for Bend Bike & Brew tour for example).
  • If you do not want to pay the fee and are ok with sharing a room with another rider, we will try our best to pair you with another rider to share your hotel room.

We encourage solo riders to come ride with us!

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