Oakridge Region Multi-day Adventure

Oakridge is awesome. There are enough trails here to keep a person occupied for a lifetime. If you don’t have that much time, come ride with us for a few days and let us show you around our stomping grounds. We’ll do some shuttling, some adventure riding, visit the pub and relax by the river.

Day 0

Meet the group at Cog Wild Headquarters in Bend and travel to Oakridge. After setting up camp along the Willamette River, we’ll jump on a shuttle for a shakedown ride to stretch our legs and make sure the bikes are working well. Meet and greet happy hour at 5 PM, followed by dinner. We’ll continue getting to know each other around the campfire then rest for a big day of riding. Riders are welcome to meet at the campsite in Oakridge.

Mileage: 10ish miles

Day 1

Get ready for a shuttle fest! We’ll ride Hardesty, Lawler, Eula and more if you still feel strong! A refreshing dunk into the amazing swimming holes on the North Fork of the Middle Fork of the Willamette will prepare our bodies for another full day of riding.

Mileage: 15 to 25 miles

Day 2

Today’s the adventure day: we’ll travel to Oakridge’s outer limits to ride high country trails. No shuttles on this one, prepare for a long day in the saddle, hike a bike sections and screaming fast descents.

Mileage: 15 to 25 miles

Day 3

After breaking camp, we’ll ride the classic Alpine Trail or ATCA if the group feels like they want more. After a farewell cheers, the van will return to Bend and we’ll return to the world refreshed and content from multiple days of riding and being in nature.

Mileage: 14 to 26 miles

A guide orients a rider to Oakridge from the look out on Dead Mountain Trail.

2023 Dates:

  • June 26-29 Lodge based trip
  • July 1-4 Lodge based trip
  • July 17-20 Camping trip 
  • July 21-24 Camping trip
  • August 10-13 Camping trip
  • October TBD Lodge based trip

$ 1249 per person for camping, $1495 for lodge based stays

  • 3.5 days of mountain biking in the Oakridge Region
  • Guide service & support
  • All transportation to and from Bend and during the trip
  • Three nights of camping at the same site on the Willamette River or three nights at a Lodge in Oakridge
  • All meals from from dinner the first night to lunch on the last day as well as trail side snacks
  • Beverages from Deschutes Brewery, Humm Kombucha, and Polar Seltzer
  • Badge of honor: Cog Wild patch

Price does not include:

  • Mountain bike rentals. See our bike rentals page for more information.
  • Beverages purchased at The Three Legged Crane Pub in Uptown Oakridge.
  • Camping gear such as tents, sleeping bag and pad. Bring your own, or rent them from us.
  • Optional activities such as rafting or fishing on the Middle Fork of the Willamette River.
  • Airport shuttles to and from the Redmond (RDM) Airport or Eugene Airport. Please arrange your own transportation from Redmond Airport to our headquarters, we recommend Enviro Shuttle or Redmond Airport Shuttle.
  • Trip insurance. We highly recommend purchasing trip insurance since stuff comes up.
  • Guide gratuity: If you like the ride, plan to tip your guides.

From our main office in Bend, we rent Ibis and Santa Cruz hardtail and full suspension bikes and have access to most bike brands through the many bike shops in Bend. Come early to get fitted to your bike or we can bring a rental bike to the campsite for you. Bike rentals are also available from the Willamette Mountain Mercantile/ Oakridge Bike Shop.

If you are flying in to Bend and plan to travel to Oakridge with the guides, consider adding a day in Bend before or after the tour. Cog Wild is located at LOGE Bend, where you can stay overnight and add a guided ride or shuttle.

Signature Series

Jumping for Oldies

For the experienced rider, age 30+, who didn’t get around to hitting jumps when youth was on their side. Two days of jump specific training

About Erika

Erika Schmid has been riding her mountain bike forever, and she continues to push herself with the more extreme parts of mountain biking as she gets older. Erika is a PMBI Level 2 certified instructor with a major in jumps and drops.

Rider Level

JFO is geared towards experienced riders who can trail ride well, has maybe attempted jumps before and now looking to push your air time and control

Terrain & Trails

Students will spend day #1 at Phil’s Trailhead mercilessly drilled in safe fundamental technique on jumps.
Day #2 has students applying their new skills at the The Lair

  • April 18th & 20th
  • May 16th & 18th
  • June 6th & 8th
  • September 19th & 20th

All meeting at 4pm

Meet at Cog Wild’s headquarters. After meeting Erika you will head to the jumps and get started

  • $175 for two days of jump progression

Mountain Bike Skills Instruction in Oakridge

Cog Wild’s professional mountain bike coaches are trained to help you become a more confident, safer, and skilled rider. Oakridge has great terrain for skill building.

Our scheduled group clinics are great ways to learn fundamentals or push your flow and technical skills, while private lessons are also available daily for individuals or your own small group.

Find A Skills Session

Fundamental Skills ClinicFlow ClinicDownhill ClinicE-Bike ClinicPrivate SkillsMeet our Coaches

Fundamental Skills Clinic

Get down with the fundamentals of mountain biking from a PMBI certified instructor. Recent converts and long time mountain bikers can benefit from a skills clinic.

  • For new riders, seniors, families, and long time riders who want to build better riding habits 🙂
  • Skills will be introduced and developed through drills and games during trail riding
  • Meets at Cog Wild
  • 9:00 AM to 3 PM
  • Includes lunch, snack, Cog Wild water bottle, post clinic beverages and transportation during the clinic.
  • June 5, Sunday
  • July 2, Saturday
  • August 27, Saturday
  • September 11, Sunday
  • $145 per person for one full day of instruction

Flow Clinic

Flow trails are more fun when you feel confident in the corners, can carry momentum and know the fundamentals of riding berms, rollers and jumps.

  • For intermediate & experienced riders ready to improve flow with a focus on cornering technique and jumping.
  • Meets at Cog Wild
  • 9:00 AM to 3 PM
  • Includes lunch, snack, Cog Wild water bottle, post clinic beverages and transportation during the clinic.
  • May 8, Sunday
  • July 9, Saturday
  • August 28, Sunday
  • September 10, Saturday
  • $145 per person for one full day of instruction

Downhill Clinic

Dive into the nuances of riding with speed. Gain confidence to ride faster in technical situations, down fast flow trail and through tight switchbacks. 

  • For intermediate and advanced riders ready to progress their skill and confidence.
  • Session rock features, switchbacks and other obstacles on the way down the trail
  • Detailed, personalized feedback
  • Meet at Cog Wild
  • July 8th: 9 AM to 3 PM Lawler
  • August 12: 8:15 to 2:15 Moon Point
  • Includes lunch, snack, Cog Wild water bottle, post clinic beverages and transportation during the clinic.
  • July 8th, Friday Lawler
  • August 12th, Friday Moon Point
  • $145 for one full day of instruction

E Bike Skills Clinic

E-bikes are similar to regular bikes, but with their extra weight and some extra pedal power, they require unique techniques.

  • For beginner and intermediate e-bike riders.
  • Learn the fundamentals of e-bike riding including bike setup, uphill riding, descending and cornering.
  • Meet at Cog Wild at 9:00am
  • Lunch, snack, a Cog Wild water bottle and post clinic beverages
  • May 14th, Saturday
  • July 3rd, Sunday
  • $145 for one full day of instruction

Private Skills Lessons

Mountain biking becomes more fun as skill improves; take a private lesson with one of our PMBI certified coaches. Choose from full or half day options for individuals and small private groups.

Our coaches have experience instructing all skill levels. Lessons focus on what the client needs, which typically includes fundamental skills or advanced skills such as technical trail riding, jumps and high speed cornering.

Choose 10:30 am or 12:30 pm start time. Typical duration is up to 3.5 hours.

  • 1 person – $200
  • 2 people – $150 per person
  • 3 people – $115 per person
  • 4+ people – $100 per person
  • Includes snacks, Cog Wild water bottle, transportation during the lesson and post lesson cold beverages.

9:00 start time with a duration of at least 5 hours.

  • 1 person – $275
  • 2 people – $200 per person
  • 3 people – $150 per person
  • 4+ people – $125 per person
  • Includes lunch, snacks, Cog Wild water bottle, transportation during the lesson and post lesson cold beverages.

Oakridge Mountain Bike Coaches

Eugene Cathcart

Eugene is a long time Oakridge rider and loves to ride all kinds of bikes from gravel to e-bikes. He is a talented rider and has competed in cross country, endurance events, enduro races and loves to share his passion for mountain biking with riders of all levels, including the Oakridge NICA composite team.


  • PMBI Level 1 Instructor
  • NICA Level 2 coach
  • Wilderness First Aid certified

Lev Stryker

Lev is Cog Wild’s head skills coach. Lev loves going fast downhill, and as a high level skills coach, he can break down the nitty gritty of becoming a faster/smoother rider.


  • PMBI Level 2 Instructor
  • PMBI Level 1 Coach Course Conductor
  • Wilderness First Aid certified

Dennis Sibilia Young

A major passion for Dennis is introducing people to mountain bike skills-and introducing them to the joy of riding Oakridge trails. His focus is on fundamentals and intermediate skills for new riders, families and seniors.


  • PMBI Level 1 Instructor
  • NICA Level 3 coach and National Trainer
  • Wilderness First Aid certified

Wade Beauchamp

Wade AKA Vulture is a legend in mountain biking. He is a kind and gentle individual who will help you discover a passion for riding bikes in beautiful places


  • PMBI Level 1 Instructor
  • Wilderness First Aid certified


Can I use my own bike?

Yes! Your own mountain bike is best because you are used to it, but we can get you a mountain bike if needed.

I have been riding for a long time, what can you teach me?

Our coaches have lots of experience with all skill levels. For more advanced riders, we can work on technical trail riding, jumps and high speed cornering.

I would like more than a one-day clinic. Do you offer anything?

We recommend doing more than one skills clinic or add day tours to enhance your riding experience. If you are in town for a few weeks, check out our skills progression sessions.

Guided Mountain Bike Rides in Oakridge, Oregon

Guided rides with Cog Wild are a great way to get some epic riding and an insiders view of this bucket list mountain bike destination.

With a shuttle assisted guided ride, we figure out the logistics and take you to the goods; you spend less time grinding up, and more time shredding down. Ride the classic trails: Alpine, Dead Mountain, Hardesty and Lawler, and some of the lesser known gems including Timpanogas, Moon Point, Bunchgrass, Grasshopper, Tire Mountain, Cloverpatch and Eula.

Guided Ride Options:

Coming to Oakridge with a crew? Book a van and guide for a full or half day. Traveling solo? Consider a guided ride on Alpine or Dead Mountain. If you have something else in mind, drop us a line, we’re here to fuel the stoke.

Van and Guide for a Full Day

  • For your crew up to 12 riders. Best suited for fit intermediate to expert riders
  • Up to 8 hours — ride all the goods!
  • Full sag & logistical support with an experienced guide and driver. Ride all the regular shuttle routes around Oakridge or go for an adventure near Timpanogas, Middle Fork, Moon Point or Grasshopper.
  • $1200 per group

Van and Guide for a Half Day

  • For your crew up to 12 riders. Best suited for fit intermediate to expert riders
  • Up to 4 hours
  • Full sag & logistical support with an experienced guide and driver. Ride the regular shuttles routes around Oakridge or have a guide show you Bunchgrass, Eula, Sawtooth and other gems.
  • $745 per group

Dead Mountain Guided Ride

  • Ride with a guide for a shuttle on Dead Mountain. For individuals up to groups of 4. Best suited for lower intermediate to advanced riders, open to the public.
  • 3 hours
  • Come ride our classic flow trail that descends 2750′ over 8 miles back into Oakridge.
  • Solo rider $149, or $79 per person for 2 – 4 riders

Alpine Trail Guided Ride

  • Ride with a guide for a shuttle on Alpine Trail. For individuals up to groups of 4. Best suited for strong intermediate to advanced riders, open to the public.
  • 2 – 4 hours.
  • Enjoy the quintessential Oakridge trail with a local guide. Expect deep dark forests, open meadows with expansive views and the screaming fast descents.
  • Solo rider $175, or $90 per person for 2 – 4 riders.

Oakridge Region Multi-day Adventures

Let us host you on our home trails in the West Cascades for a few days. We’ll maximize the shuttle runs and explore some lesser known gems. Choose camping or lodge based stays from our list of preset dates or set your own dates and bring your riding crew for a private adventure.

  • Strong intermediate to expert riders
  • June – October
  • Open meadows, old growth forests, fast descents, swimming holes, Oakridge Pub
  • Camping or lodging options
Learn More

What to Expect

Oakridge has trails that are suited for strong beginners to expert riders. If you are new to mountain biking, consider riding in Bend instead of Oakridge.

Narrow, fast, slow, smooth, rocky, rooty, steep and beautiful describe all the trails in Oakridge. You’ll ride through a wide variety of ecosystems and habitats – old-growth stands, second growth Doug Fir forests, recent clear cuts, giant ferns, wildflower filled meadows, cold creek crossings, log bridges, exposure and rock outcroppings.

  • Hydration pack or backpack for carrying water, extra food and clothing. Bring a rain shell if rain is forecasted.
  • Helmets are required for all rides.

During the reservation process please be ready to share the following for each rider:

  • Age of minors
  • Each rider’s mountain bike skill land fitness levels: beginner, intermediate or advanced and any additional details you would like your guide to know about you & your group.
  • Allergies, dietary or medical restrictions for each rider
  • Do you need a rental bike or are you bringing your own bike?

The Willamette Mountain Mercantile rents Santa Cruz and Ibis bicycles. Check out their website or call 541-782-1800. Please check that they have a rental bike available for the day you’d like before booking a guided ride.

MTB Skills Instruction in Bend

Are you new to mountain biking, or want to learn new skills? Or are you a regular rider and ready to take it to the next level?

Cog Wild has professional mountain bike coaches to help you become a more confident, safer, and skilled rider. Everyone benefits from mastering the fundamentals, getting personalized feedback, and working with the coaches to enhance your skills!

Private Skills Lesson

Our PMBI certified skills coaches are available for you, your family or small group for full or half day lessons. For riders of all abilities.

Private Skills Lesson INFO

Progression Sessions

Group skills progressions over several weeks make learning fun.

Progression Session Info

Jumping for Oldies

For the experienced rider, age 30+, who didn’t get around to hitting jumps when youth was on their side.

Jumping for oldies Info

Mt. Bachelor Bike Park Lessons

For experienced riders, our PMBI certified skills coaches are available for you or your small group to work on advanced skills at the bike park.

Bike Park Skills Info

Junior & Youth

Check out Cascadia Junior Cycling for junior-specific summer camps, mountain bike clubs & race teams.

Cascadia Junior Cycling


Can I use my own bike?

Yes! Your own mountain bike is best because you are used to it, but we also have DEMO BIKES for rent.

If doing a downhill lesson at Mt. Bachelor, please contact Mt. Bachelor directly to reserve a rental.

What can you teach me?

Our coaches have lots of experience with all skill levels: beginners and intermediate riders really learn a lot from our skills lessons and tours. For more advanced riders, our instructors ensure your fundamentals are solid, then move into more advanced skills like drops and jumps, and maneuvers on technical terrain like rock gardens and higher speed corners.

I would like more than one-day clinic

For locals, we recommend our Progression Sessions and Signature Series for multi-week clinics, otherwise we can schedule multiple private lessons or full day tours with a guide or skills instructor to enhance your riding abilities.

Bend Mountain Bike Shuttles

2023 shuttles are now live! Shuttles will begin in late May and run through October, as the weather allows. Early season shuttles will go up as far as the snow line, expect Wanoga shuttles until mid June.

Shuttle schedule: 9AM 10:30 Noon

Cog Wild shuttles are a great way to maximize your time on the bike. With about 3,000′ of elevation gain between town and Mt. Bachelor, visitors and locals can take advantage of a shuttle ride to access higher elevation terrain and ride single track all the way back to Bend.

Meet at Cog Wild on the edge of town. Jump on the shuttle, which travels up the Cascade Lakes Highway to Wanoga, Swampy or Dutchman Trailheads.

Shuttle riders need to be self sufficient: bring a map and have a route in mind, have a tool kit and first aid kit. Carry enough food, water and clothing to support your time in the woods.

Bend Trails and Trail Forks are great sites for researching trails and ride options. Maps are available to purchase at Cog Wild and we are happy to look at the map with you and suggest routes.
Please stay off middle Flagline until August 15 to give the elk ample time to raise their babies.

Traveling with an E-bike? Please read:

The Deschutes National Forest does not allow e-bikes on the non-motorized trails. This includes the vast majority of mountain biking trails that we guide and shuttle.

Daily Bend Shuttles

Park at Cog Wild for a shuttle up Century Drive to these locations:

  • May 1 – October 31
  • Multiple runs each day
  • Park at Cog Wild, shuttle up and ride the trails all the way back to your car
  • Riders must be self-sufficient

Bend Shuttle Season Pass

Take advantage of shuttles with Cog Wild’s shuttle season pass. With unlimited Bend shuttles, ride as much as you can. Like riding in Oakridge too? Purchase our new combo pass for unlimited Bend and Oakridge shuttles.


Our first regular stop is at Wanoga trailhead. These blue and black trails can be challenging for newer or younger riders.

  • Access to: Funner, Tiddlywinks, Tyler’s Traverse & more
  • Average ride 13 – 20 miles
  • Minimum 1,700 feet of descending
  • $17 per person

Swampy Lakes

The middle stop is at Swampy Lakes trailhead. Generally less technical trails than Wanoga with fewer miles and less climbing than Dutchman.

  • Access to: South Fork, Swede Ridge, Upper Whoops, entire Phil’s Trail Network & more
  • Average ride 19 – 25 miles
  • Minimum 2,500 feet of descending
  • $17 per person
A mountain biker on trail in Oregon.

Dutchman Flat

The last stop is across the road from Mt. Bachelor Ski Area and Bike Park. These high elevation trails usually open in July but Flagline remains closed until Aug 15 to protect the elk.

  • Access to: Metolius-Windigo, Bachelor Bike Park, Flagline (closed until Aug. 15) & more
  • Average ride 25 – 35 miles
  • Minimum 3,600 feet of descending; most routes have sustained climbs.
  • $22 per person

Private or Custom Shuttles

Private transportation for any outdoor endeavor! Book a van to transport your private group to the trailhead of your choice.

  • For your private group
  • Hourly service
Custom Shuttle Details

Newberry Crater / Paulina Peak Shuttle

Get a ride to the top of Paulina Peak for an adventurous ride back to Bend. Available mostly in the fall, or upon request for groups.


Dutchman to Sisters Shuttle

Ride the high country trails on the east side of the Cascades from Dutchman Flat and end up in Sisters. Available when Trail 99 is fully clear, usually in the fall.

McKenzie River Trail Shuttle

Available upon request for larger groups in Bend. Small groups, please contact our friends at Horse Creek Lodge. They are based in McKenzie Bridge and run daily shuttles.

Horse creek lodge

Ride with a Guide

Cog Wild offers full or half day guided rides for families and all levels of riders from beginner to expert. Let us manage the logistics so you can just show up and ride.

Guided Rides

Hone your Skills

Cog Wild’s professional, certified instructors will help you master the basics of mountain biking or get you to the next level of skill.

Skills instruction

Get downhill ready with a professional coach!

Ride Mt. Bachelor’s bike park with confidence after a lesson with a certified mountain bike coach. Cog Wild partners with Mt Bachelor to offer intermediate to advanced downhill mountain bike skills clinics for solo riders or private groups. Get berm shreddy and jump ready at Oregon’s premiere downhill park with Cog Wild’s finest guides and coaches. Please inquire for a Mt. Bachelor skills lesson. These lessons are for advanced riders. Coaches and dates are limited.

Private Mt. Bachelor downhill lesson includes: 

  • One-on-one or small group downhill skills building, the lessons will be determined by  your skill level and mountain biking goals.
  • Professional mountain bike coach
  • Lunch and snacks

Mt. Bachelor downhill lessons do not include: 

  • Bike rental (can be booked through Mt. Bachelor rentals)
  • Pads or helmet (can be obtained from Mt. Bachelor rentals)
  • Bike Park ticket (can be purchased at Mt. Bachelor)
  • Transportation to or from Mt. Bachelor


Boost your Confidence With Private Mountain Bike Skills Lessons

Are you new to mountain biking and ready to learn new skills? Or are you a regular rider and eager to take it to the next level? Hiring a professional mountain bike coach can take your riding from “I’m just gonna try to hang on” to “I’ve got this!”

Cog Wild’s professional mountain bike coaches will help you become a more confident and skilled rider. Sign up for a full or half-day private skills clinic by yourself or with friend so that you are ready to tackle any challenge on the trail.

Interested in conquering Mt. Bachelor’s downhill park? Check out our Mt. Bachelor skills page here

Mountain Bike Skills Lessons Include:

  • Professional mountain bike coach
  • Private one-on-one or small group skill building lesson, customized to your level
  • Transportation from Cog Wild Headquarters to the trailhead.
  • Half-day lesson includes on-trail snacks
  • Full-day lesson includes on-trail lunch and snacks
  • Complimentary Deschutes Brewery beer, Polar Seltzer and Humm Kombucha. 


Private Group Day Tour

Designed for groups of six or more, such as school groups, wedding parties, corporate retreats, family reunions and more, our private group tours are an ideal way to get your entire group on a bike ride. Cog Wild will collaborate with you to create a mountain bike experience to suit the needs of your group. We provide the guides, gear and the transportation to get your group on trail. Tell us how many people you have, how much time you have, the type of riding you’d like and we’ll take care of the logistics.

All group rides include a “hard tail” front suspension bikes with the option to upgrade to a full suspension bikes along with helmets, water bottles. Upon arriving at Cog Wild, the riders will be set up with bikes and take a warm up loop to make sure everyone is ready to ride before loading a shuttle up to the trailhead. On trail the guides will provide snacks, encouragement and riding tips to keep the crew happy. Each ride ends back at Cog Wild with social time in our outdoor gathering space and post ride beverages from Deschutes Brewery, Polar Seltzer and Humm Kombucha.

Route Options

We have unlimited route options for all levels of private groups. We can organize our Singletrack Sampler, a Mt. Bachelor to Bend ride, or a fun loop in the high country. We’ll work closely with you to make sure that fun is optimized for your group adventure. If you are looking for a winter experience, try a Fat Bike Tour for a fun way to play outside.

Riding Distance

Riding distance varies based on the skill and fitness level of your group.

Rider Level

This can be an introductory ride for riders that are new to mountain biking or a skill-building ride for beginner to intermediate riders. If your group is advanced then we’ll shred more challenging trails. No true beginner bike riders please, participants will have a positive experience if they have prior experience riding a bike.

Terrain & Trails

Most central Oregon trails are smooth and flowy single track that winds through ponderosa pine forests. In late summer and fall the high country trails open up and technical trails can be accessed for experienced riders.

  • Choose from our regular start times: 8:45am, 10:15am or 11:45am, or contact us for a custom time to fit your group’s needs
  • After riders are fit to the bikes, we will jump on a shuttle and ride back to Cog Wild. Milage varies based on group size and skill level
  • Meet at Cog Wild’s headquarters at LOGE Hotel
  • Transportation can be arranged from your location to Cog Wild and back for an additional cost, please inquire when setting up your ride.

Pricing Details:

  • Private group tours require a minimum of 6 riders and are paid by a lead organizer.
  • Price includes a “hard tail” front suspension bike with the option to upgrade to full suspension bikes.
  • If you have less than 6 riders, the minimum price is the cost of 6-riders. Consider our half day guided ride with bike rentals for 5 or less riders.
  • 18% gratuity is automatically added to all private group rides.

Private Group Tour 1-4 hours

  • $140 per person

You can start your booking right away, here’s what we need to know before the ride

  • Ages of minors and seniors
  • Skill level: beginner, intermediate or advanced
  • Any dietary restrictions, allergies and medical conditions.
  • Height of any rider with a bike rental
  • Share your reason for gathering: are you celebrating a special occasion? Are you new colleagues getting to know one another? Family reunion?

Half Day Guided Ride in Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon is a mecca for mountain biking in North America. We have hundreds of miles of trail to share; this ride samples the best of what Central Oregon has to offer. From the world famous Phil’s Trail to lesser-known singletrack loved by locals, we select a route based on your skill and fitness level. Looking for a fast-flowing descent? We’ve got it. Want to improve your skills on technical rocky sections? We have that too. Searching for that perfect ride? Let us help.

This is a great ride for the solo rider, a couple or for a group of buddies that regularly ride together. We’ll make sure your time with us is optimized for maximum fun and trail time!

Half Day Guided Mountain Bike Ride Includes:

Riding Distance

6-20 miles, depending on your fitness, skill, interests.
Generally 1-2k of descending and up to 500 feet of ascending throughout the day.

Rider Level

Half day rides are suitable for all skill levels from beginners to expert riders. Previous mountain biking experience is preferred but we can tailor half day rides to true beginners. On the other hand if you are an experienced rider who wants to get a ripping ride in, its on! The ride is designed to match your abilities.

Terrain & Trails

Smooth and open flowing single track that is fun for all levels. For the more technically intermediate and advanced riders, we can include some rocks and roots, and steeper trails.

Half day tours start at 8:45am, 10:15am or 11:45am. Please arrive 15 minutes early, 25 minutes if you are renting a bike

Half day rides are about 3 hours. Milage vaires based on skill and fitness level.

Meet at Cog Wild’s headquarters. After meeting your guide and talking logistics for the day, we will jump on a shuttle.

  • Solo Rider: $165
  • 2 or more adult riders: $87 per person
  • Children up to age 12: $68 per child
  • Bike rentals are not included. If anyone needs a bike for the day, we have a mountain bikes available for a wide range of heights. You can add bikes during check out. Contact Cog Wild if you have renal bike questions.

You can start your booking right away, here’s what we need to know before the ride

  • Ages of minors and seniors
  • Skill level: beginner, intermediate or advanced
  • Any dietary restrictions, allergies and medical conditions.
  • Height of any rider with a bike rental
mountain biking in Bend, Oregon
photo Samantha Weald