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Oakridge Oregon Trail Conditions:

Hey it’s Aubrey with the Dec 7th update on the Oakridge area trail conditions.

We have had sunny skies for the last couple of weeks and most trails are still riding well! Chance of showers later this week but temps should still pleasant.

The snow has been falling up high. Several inches of snow reported on top of Dead Mountain, expect snow levels around 3000′ and dress accordingly. The Middle Fork Trail is a good option for these conditions and the fall colors are still lovely.

A couple feet of snow has fallen on Willamette Pass and we have heard reports of great backcountry ski conditions. Enjoy and be safe!

Here’s a link to the NOAA forecast for  Oakridge . Keep in mind the forecast is for the town of Oakridge, the trailheads we shuttle to are at higher elevations, so expect colder temperatures (5-10 degrees colder) at the top, where the rides begin. We recommend taking a long sleeve jersey on clear days, and a rain jacket on any cloudy or misty days, even if it feels warm where you get picked up, it may be remarkably cooler,snd sometimes much wetter up top.

Our official 2020 shuttle season has come to a close. Thank you to everyone for making this unprecedented season a success! Of course being outdoors is key to a healthy body and mind, so let’s all continue to enjoy our beautiful forests and take care of each other.

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Alpine Trail: Muddy, couple of trees down (Dec 6)

ATCA: Snow and mud. Tire Mountain wet, but riding well (Dec 6)

Bunchgrass: High country likely done for the season.

Cloverpatch Trail: Clear of trees, riding well, but the lower couple of miles had a of debris on the tread as of Oct 8.

Cloverpatch Tie: Unknown (Nov 10)

Dead Mountain Trail:  Light snow up top, trail clear below road crossing. Awesome! (Dec 3)

Goodman Creek: Riding well, trees have been cut off, but we think there may still be a bunch of trees down at the top (Eagles Rest portion)(Nov 28)

Heckletooth Mountain: Open and riding great. (Dec 5)

Hardesty:  Open and riding great. (Oct 27)

Lawler: Open and riding great. (Oct 27) Eula riding awesome (Dec 7)

Larison Creek: Open and riding great, w 1 across the trail midway down. (Nov 26)

Larison Rock: Open and riding great. Several trees down. (Dec 7)

Middle Fork of the Willamette:  Chilly! Reports in that the lower 15 miles are mostly in good condition, but the upper sections (above Indigo Springs) have many trees down. (Dec 7)

Moon Point / Youngs Rock: Riding well, one tree on the trail.(Nov 4)

Sawtooth / Mt June: no data (Oct 2)

Timpanogas area: Trails are passable, some still have trees down and some debris, but I’m not clear exactly what is clear and where the trees are. (Oct 7)

Waldo Lake Area: Highway cameras show snow on Willamette Pass, so likely trails are snowy.

E-bike legal trails in the area: Alpine, Lawler, Dead Mountain, Tire Mountain, Cloverpatch, Cloverpatch Tie, Winberry and Larison Creek.

Thanks for reading the Oakridge Mountain Bike Trail Conditions Report.  If you have more recent trail info please email oakridge@cogwild.com.   We welcome your input and strive to keep this up to date and accurate.

Please see the COVID 19 guidelines that we are following to stay in compliance with the Oregon Health Authority.


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