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Latest Report, April 5th

The lower elevation trails are melting out and riding well. Snow level is around 4000′, with snow and trees down above that level. Hardesty, Eula, Lawler and Alpine are closed to shuttling due to snow.

Today’s Suggested Rides

  • Dead Mountain Trail
  • Larison Creek trail
  • Lower segments of the Middle Fork of the Willamette River Trail
  • Salmon Creek trail
  • North Fork of the Middle Fork trail from Westfir
  • Out and back on lower Alpine Trail

Road & Gravel Riding:

  • We love riding from Oakridge south of town, making a loop around Hills Creek Reservoir. In addition to the loop there are many gravel roads out that way and countless ways to connect to make adventure rides.
  • Try venturing up the North Fork (RD 19) and riding the 1928 road through Huckleberry Flats back to Oakridge. This 35 mile loop is beautiful and cruisy, with only one steep climb as you leave the river and climb up to High Prairie.
  • For paved road riding consider starting in Westfir and riding out and back on the North Fork of the Willamette (RD 19, OR starting in Oakridge and riding out and back on Hills Creek (RD 23) or the Middle Fork of the Willamette (RD 21) All are low traffic and are beautiful routes along waterways. Watch for cracks in the road.

Oakridge Trails & Conditions Reports

Alpine Trail

  • Upper and Lower Alpine Trail is an iconic ride through alpine meadows, douglas fir forests and exposed benchcuts.
  • 13 miles from Kate’s Cut-in to the Bridge. -4,000′ descending, +1,200′ climbing.
  • Difficulty: Blue
  • Estimated ride time: 2 – 4 hours
  • RWGPS Map
  • Conditions 4/5/21: Snow below Windy Pass. If you ride it we suggest doing it as an out and back until the snow melts out. As of today you can ride up about 5 miles to near the 683 road before you hit downed trees and snow.
  • E-bikes are legal

Dead Mountain Trail

  • RWGPS Map
  • 6 miles
  • Difficulty: Green / Blue
  • Estimated ride time: 1 hr with shuttle, 2-4 hours without a shuttle.
  • Conditions 4/5/21: Perfect conditions out on Dead Mountain, but there is some debris down on the trail from spring melt and wind.

Additional Trails

  • ATCA: Closed by snow, expected opening late April / or May.
  • Bunchgrass: Under snow, expecting opening May or June.
  • Cloverpatch Trail: Some snow but melting out, could be a fun out and back. (March 27)
  • Cloverpatch Tie: Likely melted out, (April 5)
  • Goodman Creek: Riding well, trees have been cut off, but there may still be trees down at the top on the Eagles Rest portion. (March 27)
  • Larison Creek: Open and riding great, with one tree across the trail midway down. (March 27)
  • North Shore: Clear, nice dirt (March 27)
  • Salmon Creek North: Clear, riding great! (March 27)
  • Salmon Creek South: Good to go, (March 27)
  • Sawtooth / Mt June: Under snow (March 27)
  • Timpanogas area: Under snow, expected opening June / July.
  • Waldo Lake Area: Under snow, expected opening June / July.

E-bike legal trails in the area:

  • Alpine Trail / ATCA
  • Tire Mountain Trail
  • Cloverpatch / Cloverpatch Tie
  • Lawler Trail
  • Dead Mountain Trail
  • Winberry Trail
  • Larison Creek Trail

Thanks for reading our conditions report, please email us at oakridge@cogwild.com if you have specific questions or up to date trail conditions to share.