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Limited time offer! 2021 passes are on sale until April 30th

January 1- April 30, 2021:  $250
May 1-August 31, 2021:  $299

The Bend mountain bike shuttle season typically runs May 1-October 31. Some years we can run well into November and it can be the best conditions of the year!

Oakridge more your jam?
Oakridge Shuttle Season Passes are available here.

Bend Shuttle Season Pass Details:

  • Season pass holders are expected to be self sufficient adventurers: please carry a pack to accommodate all your needs for the day including: food, water, extra clothing, first aid kit, charged cell phone, map, and more according to your unique needs. You are responsible for yourself after the shuttle drops you at the trailhead.
  • Cog’s daily shuttle drops riders at Wanoga, Swampy Lakes and Dutchman’s Flat Trailheads.
  • Bend daily shuttle schedule is posted on our Bend Daily Shuttle page, and changes with the seasons.
  • Reserve all shuttles at least 24 hours in advance.  Shuttle reservations are made online here.
  • A four person minimum is required to confirm a shuttle (can be 4 solos, 2 couples, etc).
  • Meeting Location: Cog Wild, 19221 SW Century Dr.- located at LOGE Bend. Please meet in our outdoor meeting space on the south side of the hotel property. Park in any parking spot on the property.
  • Reservations can be modified or cancelled via your confirmation email.
  • Questions? Please call 541-385-7002 or email info@cogwild.com

  • Shuttles leave at scheduled shuttle time!
  • Your driver can help suggest routes, however you must be self sufficient on the trail. Maps are for sale at Cog Wild and as an add on to your pass/ shuttle. If you need route suggestions please sign up for an orientation session, or consider hiring a guide!
  • Park in a parking spot any where on LOGE property.
  • Four person minimum per shuttle (can be 4 individuals, 2 couples, etc), please reserve a day or more in advance (if possible) to get your seat
  • We are in the office from 8:30 to 5. Please reserve at least 24 hours before your shuttle so we can confirm that the shuttle is running.

The Fine Print

As a condition of pass purchase, all Cog Wild pass holders understand and accept the following details:

Bend shuttle season passes are non-transferable, passes are to be used by the listed pass holder only. Cog Wild, at its sole discretion, will determine the length of the riding season & the shuttle operating schedule. The planned 2021 riding season, from May through October, is subject to change based on unpredictable High Desert spring and fall weather patterns.  Penalties for fraudulent pass usage include the revocation of the season pass and/or an indefinite ban of an  individual or party from shuttle pass purchase and/or shuttle usage.


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