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Limited to 100, on a first-come, first-served basis, Cog Wild is bringing the Bend Shuttle Season Pass back for 2019. You know you want one. Come on in or give us a call to purchase yours now, before they’re gone! For a limited time only, get your pass for only $200 before prices increase on May 1st!

Bend-area shuttles will open for the 2019 season this spring depending on snow. Oakridge season passes are available here.


Price is $225. Your pass will have your picture on it. You can buy your Bend Shuttle Season Pass online or over the phone. Pass use is unrestricted for the 2019 riding season (usually May-October), inside the following criteria:

  • Shuttle stops include Wanoga Sno-Park, Swampy Lakes Sno-Park, and Dutchman Flats Sno-Park (later in the year, depending on trail conditions up high).
  • Shuttle pass holders are entitled to one McKenzie River Trail Shuttle and one Oakridge Shuttle for the season (hole punch will be made in your pass when this trip is taken).
  • All dates (local shuttles, Oakridge and MRT shuttles alike), must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance. The sooner in advance you reserve your shuttle, the more likely you are to be guaranteed a space on that shuttle. Once a shuttle is full, you will be deferred to the next available shuttle.
  • Bend daily shuttle times are 7:30am, 9:00am, 10:30am, 12:30pm, 3:00pm and 5:30pm
  • Four person minimum per shuttle (can be 4 solos, 2 couples, etc).
  • Meeting Location: Cog Wild, 255 SW Century Dr., Bend, OR
  • Text (541) 219-9248 to reserve your shuttle spot!
  • Please include your name, # of riders in your party, and your drop off location. We will contact you via text to confirm or cancel shuttles. 

Love Bend and Oakridge?? Check out our 2019 Bend & Oakridge Unlimited Season Pass!
If you ride in Bend and Oakridge on the reg (or want to), then we have the pass for you! For just $350, you can get unlimited shuttle rides in Bend and in Oakridge!


McKenzie River Trail, Bend
3 - 9
3 - 9
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  • Drivers will wait for a couple of minutes after all reserved guests are loaded, and drivers have final say on departure time. Don’t expect to be waited on unless you make other arrangements with us.
  • Your driver can help suggest routes, however you must be self sufficient on the trail. Maps are for sale at Cog Wild.
  • DO NOT PARK in the Pine Mt. Sports parking lot for shuttles. Park on side streets and walk over to the meet spot. Ask your driver if you aren’t sure. Shuttle guests parked in the Pine Mt. Sports lot will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • We rent bikes for tour guests only, please don’t ask us about renting bikes unless you are planning on taking a tour with us as well. That said, we can help you find a shop that has a specific bike you are looking for if necessary.
  • Four person minimum per shuttle (can be 4 individuals, 2 couples, etc), please text a day or more in advance (if possible) to get on the list
  • We are in the office from 8:30 to 5, if you try to reserve a shuttle when we are not in the office we can not confirm until we are back in the next day. Please try to reserve at least 24 hours before your shuttle so we can help you confirm your spot and that the shuttle is running.

The Fine Print

As a condition of pass purchase, all Cog Wild passholders understand and accept the following details:

All Bend Shuttle Season Pass prices and dates are subject to change. All products are non-transferable and non refundable, even if the pass is never used or picked-up. Cog Wild, at its sole discretion, will determine the length of the riding season & the shuttle operating schedule. The planned 2019 riding season, from May through October, is subject to change based on unpredictable High Desert spring and fall weather patterns. All season passes will become valid for use sometime in May and expire after the 2019 riding season closing date, as solely determined by Cog Wild. Passes are to be used by the listed passholder only. Penalties for fraudulent pass usage include the revocation of the season pass and/or the banning of an individual or party from shuttle pass purchase and/or shuttle usage indefinitely. These passes are a screaming deal. Please don’t ruin everyone’s day/season by attempting to scam the system. We all just want to ride bikes.