Patagonia Travel Notes & Packing List

Travel Agent Recommendation: For assistance with your flights, hotel and transfers, we recommend Alicia from Holdy Tours. Her phone number is 800.446.1111 and email is

Documentation Requirements: You will need a valid passport to enter Chile. Please make sure your passport is valid for the duration of your stay in Chile.

Note: US citizens traveling to Chile for recreation and tourism do not need to obtain a visa prior to their arrival to Chile. A tourist card (really just a slip of paper) for a stay of up to 90 days will be issued upon entry. Do not lose this card! This card must be presented upon departure so make sure to check that you have it before departure. Failure to do so may result in delays. If lost or stolen, the tourist card can be replaced by the International Police at their nearest headquarters.

Currency: We have found from our experience that you do not need to exchange dollars for pesos for your travels in Chile. US dollars are welcomed at the lodge for paying gratuities, and additional services at the lodge (laundry, souvenirs, etc.). The Coyhaique River Lodge accepts Visa, MasterCard, and US dollars.

Travel Cash: Most of the restaurants and shops take credit cards in Santiago and Coyhaique, but you will need cash for the lodge gratuities, etc. We recommend each guest travel with approximately $750-$1,000 per week of travel for gratuities, alcohol, and miscellaneous gifts.

Gratuities: We recommend gratuities in the range of $80-$120 per person per day. This is left to the discretion of the rider and is only a rough guideline for planning purposes. The lodge manager will collect the tips at the end of the week and distribute them accordingly.

Medical Facilities: Due to the remote location, we strongly recommend that anglers purchase travel insurance and medical evacuation coverage. We recommend Travelex and Global Rescue.

Fishing Licenses: Fishing licenses are included and will be issued on-site at the lodge.

Power and Communications: The lodge has 220 volts and takes a rounded two prong plug. Please bring a Type C outlet adaptor to use during your stay. The lodge has a Wi-Fi connection available for guests and there is decent cell coverage in the area.

Laundry: Laundry service is available for an additional charge.

Water: In an effort to generate less plastic waste the lodge does not provide bottled water. Rather, each guest will receive a reusable water bottle to use during their stay which can be filled at water stations in the lodge.

Beverages/Alcohol: Beer, wine and alcohol are included in your package.

Contact Information

Coyhaique River Lodge: 56.67.219710 //

Coyhaique River Lodge, Gaston Urrejola: 56.999985637

Packing List

We understand packing for an adventure is not easy. On a trip like this it is very important to have everything you need and nothing you do not. As the climate is extremely changeable and a wide range of temperatures and conditions can be expected, we recommend layering clothes. Synthetic fabrics are preferred to cotton. Dress at the lodges/camps is neat but casual.

Documents         Passport, plane tickets, itinerary, fishing licenses, credit card, cash, business cards.

Cycling clothes                  2 pairs of chamois/shorts, 2 jerseys that you can wash and alternate. Elbow and knee pads if you prefer. Helmet. Cycling shoes. Gloves.

Shirts & Pants   One or two camp shirts and pairs of pants. A pair of shorts and/or dress.

Socks                     Two pairs of camp socks.

Warm Layers     A warm insulating layer. Down, nano puff and fleece are good. Avoid cotton.

Rain Jacket         One high quality rain jacket

Hats                       One warm cap and a ball cap or other sun hat for hiking and other activities.

Camp Shoes       One pair of shoes for around the lodge/camp, hiking shoes if you plan on hiking, one pair of sandals if you plan on rafting.

Swimsuit             Just in case!

Sunglasses          One pair of polarized sunglasses. It is great to have a lens cleaner and a soft cleaning cloth as well.

Sunscreen           One bottle 30SPF +

Lip Balm               One tube of 30SPF+ lip balm

Backpack:            One waterproof backpack for day gear.

Camera:               Don’t forget extra batteries and waterproof case/bag.

Headlamp:         One small LED headlamp with batteries.

Toiletries Kit:    Toothpaste and toothbrush, deodorant, razor, lotion, mini shampoo bottle, Advil, Ambien, ear plugs, band aids, Bactroban (prescription anti-bacterial ointment), Benadryl, Goldbond powder, Z pack, and Cipro.

Book      Optional


If you plan on fishing:

Waders                Breathable Gore-Tex stocking foot waders are recommended.

Boots – Most operations prefer felt soled wading shoes. Rubber soles without cleats are not recommended.

Forceps                – We like the Dr. Slick scissor pliers for crimping barbs, releasing fish and trimming flies.

Clippers- One line clipper.

Wading Staff & Belt – One wading staff & belt.

Fishing Tackle

Socks – Four pairs of wool or synthetic socks to wear under your waders.

Undergarments: (as base layers)

Two pairs of synthetic or merino wool long underwear (tops and bottoms) to wear beneath your waders. One mid-weight and one heavyweight. These can be worn alone or together depending on conditions.)