North Umpqua Trail & Map


The North Umpqua Trail


… is a 71-mile IMBA Epic Trail with 4100 feet of elevation gain. It is quintessential Oregon – a wild and scenic river, abundant waterfalls, gorgeous hot springs, and hanging gardens. You will earn every majestic moment on this trail as each pedal stroke takes you further into the wilderness. Expect steep and technical terrain mixed with a rollicking river trail.


Direction & Duration


Riders can travel up or downstream, but downstream is the recommended route. The NUT requires endurance and a sense of adventure – however, the rewards you will reap are plenty. With the beauty that abounds and the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel after your multi-day adventure, you’ll revel in satisfaction. But don’t be scared away by the length of the trail – it’s split into 16 different sections, with many different camping options along the way, for wherever you choose to start your journey.


What you should know


The Umpqua area is extremely remote and wild. Cell service is limited and amenities are few and far between. Prepare yourself with plenty of provisions, including some Tecnu wash in the event you make friends with poison oak along the trail.


Ride the NUT with Cog Wild


Biking the North Umpqua Trail on your own can be a daunting adventure. Shuttle services are limited, and the trail’s difficulty will likely drain you of energy required to cook yourself a decent meal after a long day. But have no fear – Cog Wild is here! Our 3-day North Umpqua River Trail Adventures include:

  • experienced guides with medical training
  • camping or lodging in cozy accommodations
  • fantastic camp-cooked meals
  • all the (cold) beer (or kombucha) you can drink
  • shuttles to trailheads

Don’t take chances – join Cog Wild for all the epic NUT adventure and none of the fuss!


Here’s your North Umpqua Trail Map:


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