Mt. Bachelor Bike Park

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Does riding your bike as fast as you can down a volcano sound waaaayyyy better than pedaling? Do you want to get steep and deep, rough and rowdy, fast and furious? Then check out the Mt. Bachelor Bike Park!

Pine Marten & Sunshine Accelerator lifts stay open in the summer to give you effort-free access to the only true downhill trails in Central Oregon. You’ll find 13 miles of trails – with a progression park off of Sunshine and some expert lines and jumps off of Pine.

Want a preview of the fun that’s to be had? Watch below short intro to the Bike Park:



If you want to check it out, but are a little wary (you have to wear what kind of armor?!), we suggest taking a Cog Wild Bike Park Skills Clinic with one of our many certified coaches. When you get to Mt Bachelor, pick up a detailed trail map to get the most out of your ride. Don’t forget the elbow pads!


Where to find the Mt Bachelor Bike Park



What if I don’t want to huck it?


The bike park can be an exciting option for adrenaline junkies or to switch things up and try something new. But maybe that’s not your style. That’s OK! Take one of our 1-day tours, starting at Mt. Bachelor and biking back to Bend to experience some of the 300+ miles of cross country singletrack in Central Oregon!


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