McKenzie River Trail & Map

McKenzie River Trail – Scenic and Technical

The McKenzie River trail is considered by many to be the #1 mountain biking trail in America. We are certain you’ll agree. Whether you are in it for the challenge or the scenery, this trail will not disappoint. It has everything from technical riding over lava rock, to long flowing sections of loamy trail through stands of impressive Douglas Firs.

The iconic McKenzie River for which this trail is named is the coldest river in Oregon. On a hot day, you may be tempted to take a dip as it flows next to the trail. While you cool down, enjoy the smooth rocks and sparkling trout below its crystalline waters.

Between tranquil pools and bubbling whitewater, waterfalls thunder off cliffs, leaving rocks blanketed in thick moss and prehistoric-like ferns. Notice that for a time the river disappears, only to reappear again as the sapphire Tamolitch Blue Pool. The Blue Pool is a popular hiking destination and perfect location for a snack. However – as a rider, be cautious of the frequently heavy foot traffic.

The lower half of the McKenzie River Trail will provide some respite from the technical lava rock of the top. A smattering of occasional log bridges ensures you get a moment to pause and the opportunity to take it all in. Leave plenty of time for reveling in the beauty of the area while enjoying every one of the 26 stunning miles this trail has to offer.

How to Get to the McKenzie River Trail

If you are located in Bend, we suggest taking a McKenzie River Trail Cog Wild shuttle! Meet in Bend and we will drive you the 1.5 hours to the trailhead, as well as pick you back up at the bottom. Enjoy a cold beverage while the driver loads your bike and relax in the van on the return trip.

Wish to drive yourself? Give our friends over at the Horse Creek Lodge a call for a local shuttle.


*Please note this map is for informational purposes only. We recommend using a trail map or an app like Trail Forks or MTB Project while out on the trails for the most accurate information. Or better yet? Hire a Cog Wild guide to show you the ropes!


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