Alpine Trail in Oakridge

Alpine trail in Oakridge, Oregon is the must-ride trail if you visit this sleepy former timber town on the western flanks of the Cascades. But you probably already know that – because everyone loves to talk about the Alpine trail! Why do they love it so?

The Alpine Trail is 15 miles of downhill bliss. You feel like you are flying and floating through the trees, transcending space and time. Your eyes water with speed and your belly delights in laughter. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself hooting and hollering the entire length of this perfectly wonderful trail.

The Oakridge mountain biking region is full of big hills, long climbs and steep, technical downhill trails. But Alpine? It’s magic for any rider. Intermediate, expert, or even less experienced riders – anyone with a wild hair can find themselves letting off the brakes and going along for a blissful ride.

How to get to the Alpine Trail

Well, you could pedal up 15 miles and 4,000 feet of elevation gain, along a dusty forest road – OR you could take the Cog Wild shuttle that deposits you at the trailhead. From there, you’ll climb a couple of miles (yes, even after an hour-long shuttle ride), and then cruise on back to Westfir.  Need a place to stay, too? Check out our Alpine shuttle and Westfir Lodge combo to get the best of both worlds at a great rate.

What else should you ride in Oakridge?

In addition to the Alpine Trail, Oakridge has enough wicked-fun single track to keep you entertained for many days. The best way to experience the best of Oakridge is to join one of our multi-day tours. During these tours, we will shuttle you to all our favorite spots over the course of several days. Camp with us in the hills for 3 days, or stay in the heart of town, with cozy accommodations, on our lodge tour.

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