Appropriate for mature Riders age 12+ who plan on making cycling their main sport for the year. Talk to your Coach to see if this is a good fit for you.

Available to riders in Bend or in our region who want to track progress and work towards their cycling goals through the off season.

Winter Training is 15-weeks, from December 1 – March 13.

Three Levels:

Indoor Riding

Strength Only

In-Person Strength Class once a week, outdoors or indoors if allowed.

Plan is Tuesday afternoons; will add Thursdays if we must split up to keep group sizes small.

Also includes TeamSnap & some Team Activities



Online Only

For riders who are not in Bend, or who cannot attend strength, this gives access to:

– Online Training Plan
Training plan sample PDF
– Indoor / Outdoor Ride Suggestions
– Monthly Review
– On Your Own Strength Workouts
– TeamSnap


Team Activities

Full Program

Includes Everything!

– In-Person Strength
– Online Training Plan
Training plan sample PDF
– Indoor / Outdoor Ride Suggestions
– Monthly Review
– On Your Own Strength Workouts
– TeamSnap
– Team Activities




Intentional & progressive workouts produce stronger minds, fitter bodies and promotes health. Guidance on how to build strength at home, in the gym, on the bike, trainers, or on your skis.


Good form is critical for all of your movements to prevent injury, enhance athleticism and enhance efficiency. We can work on good form at our group practices, remotely, or in special sessions as needed.

Indoor Riding

Monthly Review

Productive Discussion: Riders and parents meet with Coach Bill each month to review your progress and decide how to approach your skills and fitness goals.

Educational Opportunity: These meetings are intended to help you take more control over your future as an athlete.


Team Activities

Pop-up activities and meet-ups to have fun and keep our training fresh.

Announced by TeamSnap & email.

A modern approach to Winter Training to help Riders become smarter, stronger and more prepared for the upcoming season.


Positive environment from the coaches and your peers keeps everyone feeling supported to do the hard work and guide your rest periods to ensure recovery.


Discover new things about yourself and your sport!
We will feature educational content weekly to build our knowledge of things like nutrition, bike maintenance, skills development, etc.

Indoor Riding


Training Log: when you’re ready to track your workouts with heart rate or power, this platform becomes your training log, fitness tracker, and allows you to see upcoming workouts.

See Your Progress: the data can be used to build confidence in your training, measure improvements, and set new goals.

Training plan sample PDF



We use this platform for group chats, tracking attendance at practices, sending timely updates and invoicing for team fees.

Add the Rider as primary account holder, then “Add Family Members” to ensure everyone receives the updates through the app or email.

Request access by emailing Coach Bill.

Winter Training Schedule

Offered from December 1, 2020 to March 13, 2021.


  • On Your Own:
    • Weekly ride suggestions in the TrainingPeaks plan for indoor & outdoor rides.
    • Manually follow a workout from the TrainingPeaks plan, or
    • Sync a power-based workout from our TrainingPeaks plan to your smart trainer.
    • Get a free ZWIFT account for your smart trainer to do group rides & race simulations.
  • Pop-Up Rides:
    • We will host a few rides when the conditions allow.
    • Follow along from home with Coach Bart Bowen’s Online Spin Classes 1 or 2x weekly on a regular or smart trainer. Bart is on the video leading the workout, so you can do it live or pull it up at any time.
    • If you’re interested in adding this talk to Coach Bill.


  • In-Person Strength:
    • Riders will get 1x session per week.
    • Outdoors on Tuesdays at 3:30 PM in a single group if COVID restrictions prevent us from meeting indoors.
    • Will move indoors in small groups when allowed: we have Tuesdays & Thursdays 4:30 – 5:15 time slots reserved at RISE.
  • On Your Own:
    • At least 2 TrainingPeaks Strength workouts will be posted weekly.


In person or by Zoom, Coach Bill will review your training with riders and parents to help you progress your understanding, set goals, see your progress, and stay motivated to keep working hard.


We will try to get together for some fun team-building activities at least once a month. Some activities will be included, others might have a fee. Ideas include:

  • Nordic Skiing
  • Fat Biking
  • Ice Skating
  • Polar Plunge
  • Pilot Butte Challenge


  • Strength Only – $300
  • Online Only – $400
  • Full Program – $600


  • TeamSnap account required.
  • If you have a TeamSnap account, email Coach Bill which level you want and we will invoice your account.
  • New Riders:

How to Make a New Team Registration

We are using TeamSnap for our 2021 Teams.


Check out the All Mountain, XC and Elementary Teams for this spring.


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