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Look no further, as we are here to illuminate all things beautiful that come along with mt. biking and outdoor enrichment. Our rides are designed to bring unique cycling opportunities to youth in Bend and surrounding areas. Cascadia Junior Cycling was founded through a collaboration of experienced coaches and community members to serve the growing needs of our riding community in Bend, Oregon.

Enriching Outdoor Experiences

One thing many of us can relate to is learning how to ride a bike. Whether you’re still learning or a veteran, we can all agree that biking has taken us to new places. We ensure to provide unique experiences and rides that allow the riders to develop on and off of the bike, and embracing their youthful spirits.


The success behind everything comes from a community, and that’s exactly why we exist today! As we truly believe in the saying “none of us are as good as all of us”, we are stoked to be part of such a good community that supports this saying. We embrace these values, along with our athletes and participants who believe giving back is crucial to the development of all.

Personal Development

We promote activities that improve awareness and identity, along with mentorship towards discovering and developing our riders talents.


Our staff of certified coaches and educators are here because they want to be! We genuinely care about your riders mental health and promote a welcoming environment that promotes self-confidence and support to growth. We want your rider to succeed no matter what avenue they choose!