Rider Dashboard

Daily Process

  • Your health is our priority. Only train if you’re healthy. Sleep well, eat well, manage stress, train safely and ask questions when you’re unsure.
  • Use TrainingPeaks to check for your workouts / notes / feedback from coaches; and record all “workouts” and “exercise” into the app automatically or manually so we can track your weekly totals.
  • Use TeamSnap to share photos, ask questions to the group, invite others to join you and ask relevant questions.
  • Balance your homework, online school and family time with your training to avoid overload, stress and burnout. Talk to your coaches if you have any questions.
  • Make Adjustments based on the weather, your energy levels, workload, etc. We must be flexible and own our individual process in order to see our best results.

Weekly Process

  • Preview upcoming training: check out the training plan notes on every Monday to understand the goals & prepare for the week ahead.
  • Review your training log: look back at your training to make sure enough data is recorded in your log or TrainingPeaks so your coaches can monitor your progress.
  • Upkeep: Inspect, clean and take care of your bike & equipment.
  • Share & Process. Post to TeamSnap, talk with your coach, or discuss with a friend something you’ve been working on this week.

Rider Feedback

  • Monthly Meeting: meet with your coach for a longer discussion about your training / insights / goals / plans. Parents encouraged to attend. This is one of the most important and useful things we can do to help you progress! In-person if possible, otherwise online.
  • In Person: coaches give feedback to the group and individuals at all of our rides & strength sessions but it’s hard to remember everything so write down notes in your training logs.
  • Online: coaches can comment on activities in TrainingPeaks and send additional feedback by email or through TeamSnap.

Video & Photo Review

We shoot photos and videos at some practices to better illustrate what our riders need to work on and everyone can benefit from the discussions that come from the review. This is a safe space where everyone is collaborating on improving but we keep the individual review content for the team-only. Other promotional videos or photos will be made public, like the videos here:

Mandatory Tools


  • Read Coach Bill’s article explaining TrainingPeaks & how to get started
  • Rider should be able to record Heart Rate at minimum; or Power, but that is typically more expensive. We need these measurements to know your “training score” for the day.
  • Everyone is applied to a group plan where everyone sees the same info each day, but we can modify individual calendars if needed.
  • You can use the free version and upgrade to the paid version only if you need those additional features. 99% of juniors are totally fine on the free version.


  • This is used for team chat / quick updates / sharing photos / traveling / meet ups / immediate updates. Critically important messages will still go out by email as well.
  • We must invite you to the team, talk to your coach if you need an invite.
  • At sign up, set the Athlete as primary and use “Add Family Member” to ensure parents receive all messages and notifications as well.
  • Riders can use the app on their phone and parents can monitor it with the app or by email notifications, it’s your choice how you set it up.


  • Install Zoom on your phone / iPad or laptop so you can join in with audio and video
  • Ask Coach Bill for the meeting link.

Other Resources

USA Cycling has launched a new, free member service page to connect you with help regarding: