Team Trips & Events

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Trips to events, races and other fun places to ride.

  • ALL MTN = All Mountain Team
    • Usually ages 13+
    • DH = downhill
    • ED = Enduro
    • CDC = Cascadia Dirt Cup Enduro Series
  • XC = Cross-Country Team
    • Usually ages 10+
    • STXC = Short Track
    • XC = Cross-Country (can range from circuit to long point to point)
    • JR Series = OBRA Junior Series event for Individual & Team points
  • EVERYONE = Recreational Riders, XC Team and All MTN Team Riders are all invited
  • Overnight Trip Guidelines

Non-Race Full-Day Trips for Club & Race Teams

Race Schedule

  • Team Day Trip = we will provide a coach and transportation if the event happens
  • Team Multi-Day Trip = we will provide a coach and transportation if the event happens; we can discuss how lodging and transport will work for each event.
  • OYO = On Your Own, no team travel or coach but use the TeamSnap to find others who are interested in going
  • Possible Trip = it’s not “Priority A” so we will go if there’s enough interest.

Enduro / Gravity Races

  • NW Cup Downhill SeriesPossible trip or support to Ski Bowl on June 4 – 6, reg is not open, will go live 1 – 2 weeks before each race. These are Downhill races that you can do on a big trail bike with full protection.
  • Cascadia Dirt Cup Enduro SeriesPossible multi-day trips to
    • Post Canyon, Hood River, June 26 & 27
    • Yacolt, WA, July 24 & 25
    • New Youth Enduro Series gives juniors 2-days of racing! Sign up for both days.
  • North American Enduro CupTeam multi-day trip – June 11 – 13, 2021. Reg is open! Trip will go.
  • California Enduro Series, Mt. Shasta Race Trip very likely if you can get a spot – July 10 & 11, 2021 – Reg opens April 5, Monday at 8PM
  • Mt Bachelor Gravity Series – Fridays this summer, community racing, coach supported
  • Mt Bachelor Enduro, tbd, will support it if it happens
  • MTB NATZTeam multi-day trip – July 12 – 18, 2021, Winter Park, CO. You can race DH / Enduro / DS / XCO / STXC, talk to your coach for more info. We will probably have to drive a team van & trailer if we have a group going. Get your annual USAC license now to get points at OBRA events.

XC / Cross-Country Races

  • Check OBRA for local calendar and renew your license. Check with your coach if you need category advice.
  • Many of the events are run by Mike Ripley, check Mudslinger Events for all of those races
  • Team day trips to:
    • Mudslinger XC, April 3, 2021 — “training race”
    • Bonecrusher XC, April 17, Madras, OR, new event hosted by Coach Landon and friends — “training race #2”
    • Sisters Stampede XC, May 30, 2021 — “be in control and feeling fit”
    • OBRA XC Champs — is now at ALSEA FALLS on July 24, we will go.
    • XC Series Standings 2021
  • Coast Hills XC, OYO, June 13, same weekend as Missoula & NAEC,
  • Alsea Falls XC, July 24, team trip — this is OBRA JR State Champs (adults at end of August)
  • USA Cycling Pro XCT SeriesPossible trips
    • Vail Lake, CA March 14th for USAC points – very early and a long drive, but Coach Landon might be going.
    • Soldier Hollow, Utah April 30 – May 1 for USAC points — Coach Bill would consider going to this if we have a group who needs top-level racing before Natz for experience and points.
    • Missoula MTB Fest, June 11 – 13 for UCI / USAC points. Bill’s planning on NAEC in Idaho with the All MTN Team, maybe Landon can go if we have a group interested.
  • MTB NATZTeam multi-day trip – July 12 – 18, 2021, Winter Park, CO. You can race DH / Enduro / DS / XCO / STXC, talk to your coach for more info. We will probably have to drive a team van & trailer if we have a group going. Get your annual USAC license now to get points at OBRA events.
  • High Cascades 100 — same weekend as MTB Natz, so if Natz is OFF or you decide not to go then this race might be a good target for the older riders.

Gravel & Endurance

  • Mt. Shasta Gravel Hugger, March 6, 2021. Possible team trip or support, we will make the final decision by Friday 2/26.
  • Oregon Triple Crown Gravel Series — fun adventures, easy to purchase the pass if you want to prioritize gravel races.
    • Oregon Coast, May 1, OYO, if not racing Soldier Hollow it’s a good one to do the double…
    • West Coast Gravel, May 2, OYO, if not racing SoHo do the double this weekend.
    • PRIORITY: Oregon Gran Fondo, Possible Team Support or Trip. June 5, Cottage Grove, OR, this one is the big event with epic courses and shorter drive.
    • Sasquatch Duro, Oakridge June 12, OYO, Coach Bill will be in Idaho and it’s same weekend as Missoula XC.
    • Takelma Gravel, June 26, OYO
  • Breakaway Promotions events are all sold out: Gorge, Cascade and OR Trail.
  • OMTM site for epic gravel rides and randonee series
  • Everesting Challenge – 30k climbing on a single hill in a day: official rules.

Trail Work

Coaches Bill & Lev love doing trail work so stay tuned for lots of opportunities, including:

  • Spring clean up on South Fork, Whoops and Wanoga Pump Track and possibly in Oakridge.
  • Possible rebuilds on Whoops and other jump trails
  • Regular COTA events that you can attend
  • Flagline prep, August 14 every year
  • “Put Alpine to Bed,” late October every year

Overnight Trip Guidelines

For our coaches:

  • Only coaches who are in good standing with all of our required employment checks & safety trainings can lead an overnight trip. These include criminal background checks, good driving record, SafeSport (harassment / bullying / safe environment), Concussion Recognition Training, first aid, etc.
  • Coaches have duty of care for the entire trip.
  • Supervision timing and requirements may be delegated between coaches by the trip leader as long as all staff and participants are made aware.
  • All staff & adults will have appropriate rooms / facilities separated from minors / participants.

For our participants:

  • As a minor it is our duty to supervise you for the entire duration of the trip. Therefore, it is a privilege to attend; participants who jeopardize the safety of anyone on the trip, who break laws or violate our code of conduct may be removed from the trip.
  • Participants will have appropriately assigned & separated rooms / tents / areas for sleeping, bathrooms, etc.
  • Use or possession of tobacco, alcohol or any illegal or WADA-banned performance enhancing drugs will result in notification of proper authorities and immediate departure at the expense of the participant’s parent/guardian. If illegal activity results in detention by authorities, parents shall have the responsibility for all intervention, counsel, and transportation.
  • Curfew & lockdown will be established nightly and adhered to by all participants.
  • Participants may not leave the premises / group / house / hotel unless they receive permission to do so.
  • Malicious or willful damage/theft of property by a participant shall result in the participant being sent home at parent’s/guardian’s expense. Parents and participants assume full financial responsibility for damages, transportation and other associated costs.
  • Participants are expected to use appropriate language, common sense, and discretion at all times. They must be respectful and courteous to the chaperones, fellow participants, bus drivers, and employees of the place of destination.
  • Luggage and personal items are subject to search at any time if our staff have reasonable suspicion that the luggage or personal items contain contraband.
  • Cascadia Junior Cycling & CogWild are not responsible for any lost or damaged personal items.

By enrolling for an overnight trip, I understand that failure to comply with any of the Cascadia Junior Cycling’s overnight trip rules may result in my immediate departure from the trip. Any violation of a law or trip rule may result in my parent/guardian being contacted immediately and the proper authorities being notified.