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7 Week Fall Session:
Weekday Afternoon Skills Rides

Our welcoming & experienced coaches truly enjoy teaching these young riders the fundamental skills that help them progress their riding.

These rides explore singletrack trails throughout our extensive local trail network. Many rides will begin as a shuttle to allow the group to ride back to LOGE; this increases variety and usually allows a net loss of elevation.

Participants are expected to have experience on trails, a working mountain bike, and a desire to improve their riding.

We emphasize trail etiquette, offer lots of tips & encouragement on every ride and match the pace to the least experienced riders in the group to ensure everyone has a positive experience. Groups will be based on two coaches for every 6 – 8 riders.

  • Riders must have some experience riding on trails, their own bike, and a desire to improve
  • Skills-based Group Rides with Trained Coaches
  • PMBIA-based teaching methods enable progressions for every individual within a group
  • A respectful environment develops relationships to allow fellow riders to become friends and friends become teammates!


Riders will want to ride at different speeds on different kinds of bikes on different trails, therefore we break into groups each day that accommodate as many preferences as we can.

Goals for our elementary group include:

  • Flexible ride schedule: you choose the dates that work for you!
  • Develop skills on a variety of trails and terrain
  • Introduction & Development of the fundamental skills of mountain biking
  • Enjoy riding bikes after school
  • Practice proper trail etiquette and group riding habits
  • Staff on site will help new riders find an appropriate group while returning riders can continue their skills progressions with their coaches.Create a respectful environment where fellow riders become friends and friends become teammates
Please read our COVID-19 Precautions before booking your reservation.

Fall 2020 Elementary MTB Skills Rides

For Ages 7 – 12 / Grades 1 – 6

Single Ride Format – You Choose Your Dates

M – T – W – F
2:00 – 5:00 PM
Includes Transportation to Trails

September 14 to October 30


  • Location: Cog Wild at LOGE
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday (Thursdays are for Cog Kids and Teens)
  • 2:00 PM – Meet at Cog Wild
  • Riders may ride from LOGE to work on skills / local trails, or we will provide a short shuttle out to another access point so the group can ride back to LOGE.
  • 5:00 PM – Riders return to Cog Wild
  • September 14 through October 30

How it works:

  • Single-Ride per enrollment
  • Offered a la carte 4 days per week for 8 weeks this fall
  • Reserve your own custom dates:
    • Examples: “Five Mondays,” or “Eight weeks on Tuesdays & Wednesdays,” or choose any date with open spots as you go.
  • Must be pre-registered 48 hours in advance so we can set staffing and transportation needs.
    • If you are trying to reserve a ride within 48 hours please call our office
  • Reserve up to 5 dates at a time through our online system:
    • To reserve 5+ rides call our office, email INFO@cogwild.com or make another online reservation
  • Multi-Child Discount of 10% is applied automatically when reserving multiple children for the same date on the same ride.
    • Otherwise you can use code “MULTICHILD” when reserving different dates / programs to get 10% off your total. Must be approved by the office staff before payment is accepted.


  • $40 per ride
  • Select your rides; must be pre-registered 48 hours in advance. We suggest doing at least three.
  • 10% Multi-child discount when you have two or participants enrolled during the same season. See above for explanation.

How to enroll:

  • Our online system allows 1 to 5 rides per booking; and multiple children on the same itinerary. For other scenarios please call or email us.
  • Once in the online system, select the start date of your first ride, enter your parent contact & payment info — the rider info is collected at the end in a questionnaire.
  • Choose “Continue Shopping” to add more dates for that rider.
  • We will manually review your booking and accept payment after a review to ensure your enrollment is correct.
  • Waiver — a link is emailed in the final confirmation email for you to sign online or you can use the iPad at the office. Waivers needed for every child; good for 1 year.
  • You are reserving a ride that secures a spot for your child with a coach with transport. No refunds for cancellations within 24 hours; no credits for no-shows.
  • If a situation comes up we will help however we can — please call or email us.
  • Waitlist is enabled — add your rider if you see that option in case we have any cancellations or if we can increase capacity to accommodate your request.

Mandatory for Participation:

  • Riders must be age 7 for Elementary Rides
  • Positive Attitude
  • Riders must have some experience riding a bike off-road
  • Need a fully working mountain bike suitable for riding on a trail
  • Helmet
  • Water in a bottle on the bike or in a pack
  • Come prepared to ride with proper clothing & closed shoes

Highly Recommended:

  • Items are best carried 1) on your bike in a saddle / frame bag 2) waist pack 3) small backpack. Riders do not need huge 100oz hydration packs 🙂
  • Extra tube for your wheel size
  • Multi-tool & Pump
  • Full finger gloves
  • Sunglasses with light lenses — keep out dust and see in the forest

Other Suggestions for Elementary:

  • Get the lightest bike you can afford and opt for the largest wheelsize with the smallest frame that fits your child.
  • Gears not necessary until they’re on 20″ wheels
  • Bikes must have 2 brakes — either both handbrakes or a front handbrake with rear coaster. Coaster brakes are more difficult for proper descending.

Other Opportunities


  • Weather Disclaimer: We ride in all weather except lightning storms. If there is any concern about the conditions we will contact you at the email or phone number listed, otherwise plan on riding and come prepared.
  • Can I reschedule? Up to 5 days prior you can reschedule your booking through the “Manage this booking” link in your confirmation email or email / call our office. Within 5 days and up to 24 hours notice we will reschedule your ride. No rescheduling for no-shows.
  • Refunds? No refunds on pre-paid gift cards. For all other cases we offer refunds for medical reasons or other valid reasons up to 5 days prior. Within 5 days please contact us. No refunds for no-shows.

Coaches, Guides & Drivers

Head Coach<br>Caleb Brackett

Guides & Coaches

Our awesome mountain bike guides and coaches will help your children fall in love with group riding on our local trails!

Additional Coaches

Drivers & Transport

We will use our Mini Bus and Vans to transport riders from LOGE to the trailheads.
Currently running at half-capacity due to COVID restrictions.


Elementary Age Riders
Guided Ride
1 Day, After School, Multi Day, Summer

$40 / Day

Guided Rides are great for building Skills, Fitness and Friendships!