Time Trial Results: Oct 2, 2019

Conditions were very nice for our Tyler’s Uphill TT this week with mostly firm dirt and luckily the snow melted…

10 Riders made an attempt. Those with experience were going for fastest time with overall highest average speed, while others might have been going for maximum suffering, or doing their first such individual timed event. No matter where riders placed it’s about improving our next attempt in November.

“I need to give everyone mad props on their willingness to do this,” says Coach Bill. “Suffering like this is an exploration into the unknown each time and while some riders crave this kind of effort others wish they’d skipped practice today.”

And the results are:


To compare (which is never fair since conditions always change) the fastest top 4 times we have on this 2.4 mile course are:

  • Henry Jones 11:42 in 2017
  • Ian Brown 12:34 in 2018
  • Jake Olander 13:05 in 2018
  • Gavin Bowen 13:08 in 2017

So how do you go faster on this course? Some possibilities include:

  • Get on top of a larger gear = more distance per pedal stroke
  • Push your efforts to go faster “over the crest” and “across the flats” to maximize time spent at a higher speed
  • Ease off on the steepest climbs so you don’t explode half-way up — work into the climb instead of charging the entrance
  • Vary your standing and sitting more — don’t get locked in doing only 1 technique
  • Look ahead and read the terrain so you can pump, select gears and get micro-rests or speed-boosts
  • Get a good 1 minute hard effort of 8 or 9 out of 10 before you start so you’re really ready to charge the first section
  • Breathe Out = Power Out. When you’re up into the red zone you MUST breathe out harder and faster to clear your lungs which are filling up from the inside.
  • Good posture. Use your strength to resist gravity. Use your mind to resist the pain.

Coach Bill