Time Trial Results: Nov. 6, 2019

Why do we go up this hill as fast as we can? Because it’s a mystery that each rider must explore for him or herself. There’s no answer, only theories 🙂

  • The clock never lies; some perform better under pressure.
  • Motivation must come from within; it can be lonely out there.
  • The flow-experience is hard to find; once found it’s easier to recapture.
  • Faster is faster; regardless of heart rate or power.
  • Your mind must control the body; until it’s time to push through your barriers.

“Sometimes, when we train, we simply have to go out to meet the man with the hammer.”

— Laurent Fignon, two-time Tour de France champion

The Riders met the man with the hammer today. “I love this course because it’s really cruel if you don’t know what’s coming,” says Coach Bill. “It starts off steep so you either go 100% or hold back — and both can be a mistake or the perfect strategy depending on the day.”

Coach Bart Bowen reminded the Riders that a reasonable tactics is to start quick but ease in to the first few minutes, find a pace, then leave it all on the course for the final five minutes. Reminding them about how their controlled efforts felt on the trainers in his Studio yesterday they were able to visualize their pace and decide on a strategy.

Great work today, Team!


Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2019 Results compared with the October 2nd results, which were posted here.

Comments from Coach Bill:

  • Zane wins the most consistent award!
  • Bryce had 1 min 26 sec faster time, which is over 7% faster — tha’s a great result and shows what happens when first-year riders find their flow and gain fitness and comfort on the bike.
  • Ian & Jake were very close in their final times and it’s a good indicator that both of them reported better feelings as the effort went on — this means we continue in the build phase and you’re right where you want to be!
  • If anyone had a negative time change that might be due to a mistake in my timing or a change you had to make (recovering from being sick) or maybe you did give 100% and were slower — if that’s the case then we’ll follow more tomorrow at practice about why and what to do about it.