Sea Otter Recap and Video

Congratulations to everyone who made the trip to Monterey to ride, train and race!

We had some great race results, especially Bjorn who won his XC race!


  • Nola Stryker 4th Enduro 13-14
  • Kaleb Witt 30th Enduro 13-14
  • Max Smith 10th Enduro 15-16
  • Cooper Garland 24th Enduro 15-16
  • Ari Simon 37th Enduro 15-16
  • Coach Lev 4th Enduro 40-49
  • Coach Bill 8th Enduro 40-49


  • Max Smith 5th DH Beg Men 15 yr
  • Ari Simon 8th DH Beg Men 16 yr


  • Kai Blankenship 2nd XC 11-12
  • Bjorn Blankenship 1st XC 13-14
  • Jack Billowitz 2nd XC 13-14
  • Zane Strait 4th XC 15-16
  • Peter Bentley 24th XC 15-16
  • Will Fogarty 26th XC 15-16
  • Jake Johansen 18th XC 17-18
  • Benicio Thorne 27th XC 17-18
  • Nola Stryker 5th XC 13-14
  • Madeline Stover 6th XC 17-18

Coach Bill’s Micro Synopsis

Thursday was blazing hot for the Enduro. Coaches Lev & Bill joined a big crew for practice and race laps while Coach Summer took the XC crew out for a long pedal on the 40km course.

Friday was a big brunch in camp, then a trip out to Soquel to ride in the redwoods.

Saturday was the DH race for most of the crew. Lots of standing in line doing nothing then sprinting as hard as possible down a 2.5 minute track.

Sunday was a pre-dawn mission to get all of the XC racers fed and ready for the races at 7:30 am, then racing, cheering and a 12 hour drive home through a snowstorm at midnight.

Awesome stuff! Great work, team.