CJC Enduro


Welcome to the totally unofficial CJC Enduro, Wednesday 10/27/21

Elementary Riders:

  • Some elementary Riders have been invited to do this final culmination ride, led by Coach Cory.
  • This is a longer ride for mature riders who have the skills, fitness, endurance and awareness to ride on black diamond terrain from Wanoga back to Cog.
  • You will not be timed. Ride for fun in your group — party train on hero dirt!
  • Meet at COG WILD by 2:00 PM, shuttle leaves promptly at 2:15
  • Riders will do the same route and aim to be back at Cog between 5:30 – 5:45
  • We’ll have drinks, snacks, fire pits for hanging out.
  • Space is limited on the shuttle, there might be space for a couple parents, inquire if you’re interested in joining.
  • $10 cash entry fee includes the shuttle, ride and post-ride treats!
  • RSVP to Bill@Cogwild.com to save your spot!

Middle School & Team Riders:

  • All riders in Club / All MTN / XC / CX are invited to participate.
  • Riders must be comfortable riding black diamond terrain at speed for time — but while this event features short timed segments, all trails are open and you must follow all rules of the trail even while racing the clock.
  • 4 stages for a cumulative time, must finish all stages in order. Timing is by “time of day” and we’ll compile results after the event.
  • Meet at COG WILD around 2:45 for the 3:00 PM shuttle, or by 3:15 to catch the last shuttle up at 3:20.
  • Riders through Green Gate by 5:30 PM can continue riding on COD / Ticket South; riders who do not make that cut-off will ride down in the bus because we will run out of daylight.
  • Back at Cog, we’ll have drinks, snacks, fire pits for hanging out.
  • Space is limited on the shuttle, there might be space for a couple parents, inquire if you’re interested in joining.
  • $10 cash entry fee includes the shuttle, ride and post-ride treats!
  • RSVP to Bill@Cogwild.comor in TeamSnap on the calendar to save your spot!


  • Drop on 4614 where Funner crosses, head over to 4613 via 220 RD
  • At 4613, go right, uphill to Tiddlywinks crossing;
  • Either climb TW to KIWA JCT (harder) or go up the easier dirtroad backway on the 300 RD
  • Stage 1 is around the small loop at the KIWA / TW JCT
  • Stage 2 starts 50 meters down the trail and runs the upper “slalom section” of TW to the left-hand flat transfer at the end of the jump line.
  • Transfer by riding with your friends on TW until the “uphill rock garden” near the bottom.
  • Stage 3 is from the crest at the Uphill Rock Garden to the junction of 4130. Make sure you “stay LEFT on TW out to the road” at the Larsen’s JCT. Do not go onto Larsen’s.
  • Transfer with some friends up 4130, turn right on 4613 to where Funner crosses. Continue right, downhill, on Funner until the first rock rise where the alternate trail splits LEFT.
  • Stage 4 takes the alternate trail on the left down to the next split where it stays right (although it’s 2-way, we call it “The Climbing Trail”) — do not go straight down the Canyon Drop Section — and finishes at the TW / Storm King JCT.
  • Transfer out to Green Gate.
  • CUTOFF 5:30 PM = if you’re not at Green Gate, headed down COD > Ticket South by 5:30 PM then you must wait there and load up in the bus at the chain up area.
  • Party trains are allowed, max 3 riders.
  • PARTY = everyone needs to be back at Cog at 6 PM so we can beat the dark and hang out around the fire pit.

Logistics notes for coaches:

  • Cory & John C arrive by 1:30, greet riders 1:45 – 2 and load up for 2:15 departure. One of you drive Mama van up to chain up area and leave it there, hop into Enterprize to continue the shuttle.
  • Randy arrive by 1:45 for 2:15 shuttle to 4614, come back for 2nd round at 3:00, then drop Enterprize at Chain Up and drive Mama down to Cog.
  • Timmy arrive by 2:50, get timing supplies from Bill, then drive Raw van at 3:15 for middle schoolers who are running late up to 4614, then go down to Chain Up and walk in to time Stage 4 finish at bottom of Funner. Bring a radio and radio Lev if anyone is climbing up the 2-way trail so he can alert riders as they drop in.
  • Russ arrive at 2:45 for the 3:00 shuttle, you’ll be timing the finish of Stage 2 until sweep comes through, then ride
  • Lev will forerun the courses and wait at the top of the climbing trail on Funner S4 to make sure everyone makes that turn rather than going down the canyon-drops. Radio Timmy when you’re in position and first rider is headed his way.
  • Kirin starter for stage 2 — do starts until Bill is finished with S1, then Bill will take over so you can get ahead.
  • Landon starter for stage 3 at the uphill rock pile on TW. Mix in with the first few riders on course until you get there.
  • Mike Brown finish timer for stage 3 where TW comes out on 4613. Send riders up to Funner. Head out with Lev or Landon.
  • Stage 4 Starter — Geneva / Elijah / older rider or parent can volunteer for this.

Record Time Info:

  • Android can see seconds in the clock app, iPhone you need to download “Emerald Time” or another app that lets you see time of day with seconds.
  • Carry paper and 2 pens.
  • Starting a stage, look at the clock, write down rider’s name and start time, then start them at that time. Party trains up to 3 people are OK. Gaps of 10 – 30 seconds is best. If you have a line forming, send them in a train!
  • Finish timers, record the time of day with seconds and then get rider’s name. If you have a bunch finishing, you can give them same time within 2 seconds or just guess.
  • Bill is sweeping, when you see him we’re out.