2020 After School & Summer Riding

We are proud to announce our 2020 After School, Summer Rides and Competitive Teams!

Cascadia Junior Cycling is Cog Wild’s junior program — designed to connect young riders to mentors, guides and coaches who want to help them on their journey toward being healthier, stronger and smarter riders.

Start here to see how we’re structured.

We ride a lot. Use this page to help find the best group for your rider.

We also have great videos, photos and stories in our blog.

“I am super excited about the coaching staff we have this year,” says Team Manager Bill Warburton. “It’s hard to get across in writing what it is that we actually do when we’re riding with the kids — so I hope people can check out some of our videos and talk to families who know our coaches because the energy that our coaches and guides bring to the rides is amazing and it’s life-changing for some of these riders to have these experiences together.”

Our recreational rides provide amazing opportunities to learn, explore and ride in Bend and across Oregon. Our Teams provide world-class training for those who want to reach their goals. Whether you join us for 1 clinic or training every day we’re stoked that you want to ride with us!

If you have any questions please get in touch with Bill@cogwild.com.