Lev Stryker

Lev brings a long history of cycling to Cog Wild. He started mountain biking at fifteen in Santa Cruz and never looked back. Name a type of cycling and Lev has probably done it. From racing road bikes and DH racing to Freeride trips to Whistler, and everything in between, Lev likes to have fun on a bike. He lives in Bend with his wife Kirin and daughter Nola.

Lev has been riding and maintaining trails in Central Oregon for many years and has intimate knowledge of the trails and road rides. His involvement with the bike community in Bend includes trail adoption and crew leadership with COTA and coaching young riders with Cascadia Junior Cycling.

Sue Duerksen

Cog Wild guide

Sue Duerksen lives in Oakridge, Oregon. A keen backcountry adventuress, Sue is a big mountain backcountry skier, a long time mountain biker, yogini, and a civil engineer by trade. Sue loves to spend all day out on her bike exploring the countless trails in the Oakridge area. When not on the trail, you can often find her cooking up something delicious and sipping from a well chosen bottle of wine, getting creative with oil and canvas, or being crafty with her well loved sewing machine.

Eugene Cathcart

He enjoys the diversity of his job. He says it’s a good mix of riding, guiding, spending time outside and meeting interesting people. He says the company culture is positive and that we have the best clients, both attributes that contribute to his passion for Cog Wild.

Sara Perry

Sara is a rare Bend native, having grown up riding and racing her bike here in Central Oregon, Oakridge and the coast. She loves to cook, enjoys the local beers and coaching women’s mountain bike clinics.

Russ Risdon

Russ has lived in Bend for the the past seven years, guiding with Cog Wild for the majority of that time. He loves sessioning new bike parks and traveling to new bike areas. Aside from guiding, Russ is a mountain bike skills instructor, fitness coach, pilates instructor and spin instructor. Follow him on Instagram @pedalfitruss

Pia Meurs-Gerken

Cog Wild guide

From Denmark, Pia’s lived numerous places in the States. Maui, Boston, Hood River OR, Bellingham WA and Vail CO have all been home before moving here to Bend. She loves the outdoors, the mountains and Oregon. Mountain biking is her favorite activity along with trail running, skiing, surfing and windsurfing. Currently in nursing school, Pia will be working the BC Bike Race medical team this summer.

Erika Schmid

Cog Wild guides

Erika boasts being Cogwild’s longest serving guide. Infamous for her “Big Balls”, Erika embraces the edge in her mountain biking. When not schooling the younger generation on the trails, Mrs. Schmid instructs the whippersnappers in physics and chemistry. Erika loves riding in Canada and New Zealand but Oregon trails are dearest to her heart.

Jason Meyer

Cog Wild guide

Jason, aka Big J, brings his passion for cycling and the outdoors to the Cog Wild family. A native Oregonian who has lived in Bend for 14 years, he’s been riding bicycles and motorcycles since an early age. After a short lived basketball career in the late 90’s, he started getting serious about mountain biking, and has not looked back since. Many of his friends call him Big J, and is known to have broken many a bike part. He is a student of Martial Arts, rides his snowboard in the winter, and loves to geek out and modify tuner cars in his free time.

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