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  Bend, Oregon Spring 2015 By Rob Kerr   That Moment   Remember the party joke about “That Guy”, as in don’t be “That Guy?”. Well, I thrive to find the phrase’s better cousin “That Moment”. What? Okay, I am a photographer. Let me be more specific, a still photographer enjoying my second season as a Cog Wild guide. I […]

The guides of Cog Wild come from all over, have many great stories about riding, guiding and take some great pictures. Through out the Summer, a Cog Wild guide will post a blog about their experiences. Here is the first one from Dillon Caldwell, we hope you like it.   “Diversity at the End of […]

The basics What: Cog Wild Mountain Bike Tours & Shuttles Employees: 18, seasonally Where: 255 S.W. Century Drive, Suite 201 Phone: 541-385-7002 Website: https://www.cogwild.com Local email list: email us at info@cogwild.com to be added to our local shuttle and event list. Cog Wild offers Central Oregon cycling tours Lev Stryker and Melanie Fisher saw the […]